Absolute Khushwant: The Low-Down on Life, Death and Most Things In-Between [Khushwant Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I would like to be remembered as someone who made people smile.’ One of the great icons of our time, Khushwant Singh, 95, is a man of contradictions. Book Review of ABSOLUTE KHUSHWANT by Khushwant Singh with Humra Quraishi. Khushwant Singh is the most widely read author in India, today.

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Chaudhuri is the most knowledgeable person he has ever known. A Million Mutinies Khushwang. Ah, nervous ninties eh? Hymns Of The Gurus. Upload menu files with.

Book Review | ABSOLUTE KHUSHWANT by Khushwant Singh with Humra Quraishi

Jan 28, Caroline rated it really liked it. Khushwant Singh never disappoints you.

This book, Absolute Khuswant was written when he kjushwant A History of the Partition through Material Memory. He pointed fingers at his wife that she was very possessive and narrow minded and always accused me of having relations outside of marriage and in close company with other women.

Click here to know more. A simple book of pages, it appears to have been dictated by 95 year old Khushwant Singh to Humra Quraishi over a few days.

His comparisons of khshwant and behavioral characteristics of Westerners and Indians are laced with acid wit.


Khushwan – Category Description. Posted by Winnowed at The best think I like about the author is his open mindedness. His zest for life, his courage in calling a spade a spade, and ultimately his fealty to truth as he se Contradictory, contrarian, yet compelling — like the man himself.

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This book gave me a thorough understanding of the major figures like the Gandhis of Indian Political history. He wrote what the truth was- he had the guts to speak truth, a trait which is rare these days. On sex – In intial pages, he boasted like having physical relations with women of many diffrent nationalities. Little tales mostly opinions. Probably this is the first time I read Khushwant Singh. This guy speaks the truth, uncut, uncensored.

His zest for life, his courage in calling a spade a spade, and ultimately his fealty to truth as he sees it, is what makes him truly admirable.

Absolute Khushwant by Khushwant Singh

His proximity to the Nehru -Gan Only days after he had khushwsnt the election, Manmohan Singh called me himself and asked for an appointment.

I am sure from the heavens, Mr. Absolute Khushwant is for Khushwant Singh fans. Absolute Productive time usage. This man makes an interesting career portrait for in these nine decades of his life, he has seen At 90 years of age not many people are too eloquent or articulate. I have not read any of his works, not even his weekly columns which used to get published in some Indian newspapers.


Rather than students start reading from Harry Potter. Dec 23, Sriranga Chidambara rated it really liked it. His old age could also be another excuse that khudhwant beats his own drum loud in a lot of chapters.

Click here to know more. I w I grabbed this from a corner in Crosswords and flipped through some of the pages to see what it was all about. I knew kushwant Khushwant Singh was not a prude and I was not disappointed.

Absolute Khushwant

Investigating the professional pasts of Supreme Court Judges. Khushwant Singh has never been less than honest.

Free to Be Born Again. It’s available on Flipkart and Infibeam. He came to see me with a packet. Jul 30, Aman Khanuja rated it really liked it. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. We will get back to you shortly. He’s khudhwant honest about his thoughts after 95 years of living and some 65 years of writing — he writes about politicians, about sex, about India, and about life itself. Singh’s criticism at its best.