Start your free trial to convert existing paper or digital forms to fillable PDF forms with Adobe Add, delete, and edit form fields or enable fields for signatures. When you hear about fillable forms, it is almost always related to Adobe and PDF. In my example below, I created a table and added two plain-text the document so that user can only fill out the form fields and that’s it. Gone are the days where you were forced to print a PDF and manually fill out form fields with your pencil. The PDF form has matured, and there.

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After selecting restrictions, click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection. Do not select the Contents cannot be edited check box if you want form users to replace the instructional text with their own text. Picture Control allows the user to upload or insert an image file easily.

I believe this is by design. Want to know more? You can get out of form editing mode to access other tools by clicking Close Form Editing in the Tasks task pane while in ttpable editing mode. We have seen how to make word document fillable but you may also decide to make your PDF document fillable instead of word. If you want to limit how much others can edit or format a form, use the Restrict Editing command:.

Adobe Document Cloud

Tgpable my example below, I created a table and added two plain-text boxes for first name and last name. Collect signatures from others. Date Picker The date picker control works just like any date picker you have probably used before. Internet Explorer is not supported before version On the Developer tab, click Propertiesand change the properties that you want.


Click the Add button and then type in a name for your choice. That last option is useful if you need someone to type in a paragraph of text.

In the dropdown list, you have to choose from one of choices in the list. Convert existing forms to fillable PDFs. PDFelement boasts of topnotch features like editing as easy as it is in word, converting to and from PDF formats, annotating PDFs, digital signature application, redaction, merge and split and many more.

The only difference between the dropdown list control and the combo box control asd that the latter allows the user to enter their own value.

How to Make a Word Document Fillable | Wondershare PDFelement

Click on the Design Mode button again to exit the mode. How can we improve it? Next, I went ahead and added a drop down list control to my form. Connect With Us We have a great technology newsletter. The next step is to add some more fields to the document. NOTE When creating the different types of fields, fiellds will be faced with different options axd the Properties dialog box for each. NOTE If no form fields are detected, you will see a dialog box telling you so.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Select the content control, and addd on the Developer tab, click Properties.

Adobe expert Brian Wood shows you the different ways to create and edit a fillable form, with a few rypable and tricks as well. By default, the Display Name and Value will be the same, but you can change it if you like.


There really is no reason to change the value unless you are writing Word macros and refer to the controls in code.

Combo Box The only difference between the dropdown list control and the combo box control is that the latter allows the user to enter their own value. Go to Developer typabe and then Design mode and you can then insert the controls that you want.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is important to state here that PDF is the most popular file format for anyone sharing documents online. For instance, you can prevent the unauthorized use or access to a PDF file.

When you hear about fillable forms, you probably think of Adobe and PDF documents. Plain-text controls zdd allow bold, font changes or color changes.

How to Create Fillable Forms in Word

Click Content control, edit placeholder text and format as needed. The section we are most interested in is Controls. You can edit this text for any control by clicking on the Design Mode button that is to the right of the control icons. You can do this b y putting a password that will lock it out from being accessed unless the person to access it has a password to open it.