Land of Fate: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition, Al-Qadim, Boxed Set [Jeff Grubb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Travel to. TSR Land of Fate Basic Information Author(s) Jeff Grubb Editor(s) Andria Hayday Publisher TSR, Inc. Type Campaign Al-Qadim: Land of Fate (2e). Al-Qadim is set in the land of Zakhara, called the “Land of Fate.” Thematically, the land of Zakhara is a blend of the historical Arabian Empire and stories of.

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Ride a magic carpet to the land of a thousand and one adventures!

Visit spired cities, lush oases, and mysterious isles set in glittering seas. Meet sultans and sheikhs.

See genies and giants. Discover a trove of new magical treasures!

AL-QADIM LAND OF FATE VF! # Advanced Dungeons Dragons AD&D TSR D&D Box Set | eBay

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Al-Qadim Land of Fate | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Endless Quest Books Systemless Gamebooks. Campaign Setting game world.

Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Level Based Earn XP and level up.

Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. Wizards of the Coast.

Al-Qadim Land of Fate. From the back of the box: More Information Edit History. Other Goodies 12 cardstock sheets Card 1: The City of Delights Card 2: The Court of Enlightenment Card 3: Palace of the Enlightened Throne Card 4: The Golden Mosque Card 5: A Zakharan Market Card 7: Tower House Card 8: At the Oasis Card Characters and Costume Card Al-Badian Possessions Card Dungeon Issue 47 – May Dragon Issue – Sep The Land of Fate is the perfect setting for the bloodlines and domains of regents.

White Wolf Magazine Issue 34 – Jan Polyhedron Issue – Vol. Try this adventure for a glorious quest in the Qqadim of Fate for up to 6 characters of any level. Tags separate by space: Jeff Grubb Andria Hayday.


TSR Ad&d Al-qadim Land of Fate 2nd Edition 1077 RARE 1992

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