Alexandre Astruc’s canonical essay, ‘The Birth of a New Avant-Garde: La Caméra -Stylo’ (), is considered a key precursor in the study of cinematic. Digital video and Alexandre Astruc’s. caméra-stylo: the new avant-garde in. documentary realized? Bjørn Sørenssen Norwegian University of Science and T . La caméra-stylo. Alexandre Astruc. “What interests ine in the cinema is abstraction.’ (Orson Welles). One casinot help noticing that something is happening in the.

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Caméra-stylo | film technique |

On the one hand, init was an anticipation. One day soon, filmmaking equipment would become smaller, cheaper, more flexible although Astruc was not yet able to imagine the advent of electronic videotape. This dream took longer to materialize, and it subsequently manifested itself in diverse ways in the works of people alecandre about the globe: Astruc summed up his astguc life and career trajectory in the title he gave to a collection of his critical essays in He created a new persona for himself as a rather cranky cultural commentator.


On one level, this exactly mirrors his propositions about styli as a medium that freely mixes the most concrete, physical detail of the material world with the most abstract, metaphysical ideas.

Thinking with the Camera, from Astruc to Stiegler

On another level, it was part of his particular, post-war culture and alesandre But, in at least one important matter, I have respected the historical specificity of the text in order to address a common misunderstanding. To state it plainly—and to correct the many manglings of this appearing in the obituaries—Astruc was not the inventor of the auteur theory.

British Film Institute,pp. Neo-Realism, Hollywood, New Waveed.

Harvard University Press,pp. Stock, with the words: A representative sample from one of his Paris-Match pieces on Howard Hawks gives a flavor of the later Astruc: The films of Hawks go much further in the knowledge of man than so-called Underground analyses and studies do.

Reprinted online at Kino Slang: A for Aperture Hole. Being a Dig Georges Didi-Huberman.


A Place at the Table? Instincts on Trump University Keston Sutherland. Poems 75 — 82 Joseph Mosconi. Judith Bernstein Interviewed by Jonthan Thomas.

Alexandre Astruc

Michele Wallace Interviewed by Mary Lodu. April Sarah Wang. The Future of Cinema Alexandre Astruc. Z for Zero Hole. Adrian Martin Alexandre Astruc, who died on 19 May in France at the age of 92, is best known throughout the world for a alexandr essay that he wrote inwhen he was only