CUSTODIAL STAFFING. GUIDELINES. FOR EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES second edition. Published by APPA. The Association of. Higher Education. We try to match those guidelines with the Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Educational Facilities, which is sold by APPA, the Association of. LOUNGES, STAFF ROOM – APPA Level 2. FREQUENCY .. The Custodial Staffing Guidelines are based upon the feedback of hundreds of individuals and .

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See Staffing Resources sidebar. Which best describes your current job function? We also use it for staffing new buildings.

Cleaning requests over and above the standard provided or at greater frequency can be arranged and are at the cost of custoidal requesting department. They work hard and are dedicated. The university has disciplinary standards, and we uphold those.

Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Managers — College Planning & Management

The standards are graded by a sliding scale from Level 1 to 5 where Level 1 is the highest standards of cleaning service and Level 5 is the lowest. If we stop training, even in the basics of housekeeping, the custodial staff starts to invent things on their own. We start to figure out what we need and build it in. One example is how staff must be careful when leaving work at 2: Plus, we have to look at the budget. Language is another training issue.

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All vertical and horizontal surfaces have conspicuous dust, dirt, smudges, fingerprints, and marks. Waste containers hold only daily waste, are clean and odor-free.

We try to maintain a cleaning level three. Level 4 Moderate Dinginess Floors are swept or vacuumed clean, but are dull, dingy, and stained. How do you determine how many custodial employees are stafflng The state of Florida has guidelines that are based on square footage.

Each level is defined by a range of tasks and their frequency.

Guiselines focus on managing my staff and helping them manage their staff. Training is the front line, so it has to cstodial continuous. Sometimes our supervisory staff needs to be understanding and supportive of the outside baggage and yet make sure the job gets done. The cleaning levels are as follows: Waste containers only hold daily cusrodial, are clean and odor free.

There are a number of issues that are often faced daily, including staff shortages, training and conflict resolution. So we have to give continuous reminders and training in the appropriate ways to use chemicals. For instance, we cusrodial staff to test the weight of a trashcan before lifting it. Base board molding is dirty, stained, and streaked. Gum, stains, dirt, dust balls, and waste are broadcast.

Senior supervisors report to an assistant superintendent. Our job is to hold our employees to appropriate standards of performance. There are streaks or splashes on base board molding. All vertical and horizontal surfaces have a freshly cleaned or polished appearance and have no accumulation of dust, dirt, marks, streaks, smudges, or fingerprints.


The chain of command is critical to the process in order to allow problems to be solved at lowest possible level. Waste containers are overflowing.

APPA Cleaning Standards

So we need to pay attention to the problem and find out why something is happening. Floors are swept or vacuumed clean, but are dull, dingy, and stained. These additional requests can be made through the Facilities Service Desk.

Human Resources is the official spot for conflict resolution once an issue, such as poor performance or stealing, is investigated by the director. He investigates the situation and sends a recommendation to Human Resources. Light fixtures are dirty with dust balls and flies. Base molding is dull guideliens dingy with steaks or splashes.

Then comes staffijg position as assistant director. They save us from reinventing the wheel. Lack of attention is obvious. Then we keep trying to come back up to a level two again. APPA has done us all a great favor by writing that book, plus they have one for grounds and one for maintenance. Level 3 Casual Inattention Floors are swept or vacuumed clean, but upon close observation there can be stains.

I report to the associate director, Montel Watson.