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He is really quite a preacher in his way and can at times wax exceeding ministerial. At present he is hesitating be- tween the apprenticeship course and the presidency of the United States Steel Corporation.

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Parsell, Bill was an ardent student, in fact one of the best there, but, since entering the University, he has often been kept from the hill by lic good book. This adult, who is situated about two degrees to the left, is an offspring of the town of jail-birds, Auburn. He at once became one of the most useful members of the squad, and in his Senior year was rewarded with the captaincy. A democratic and broadminded chap is “Herp,” alias “Happy. He entered with the class of ’05 and was absent two terms on account of illness.

Absentmindedness and an enormous capac- ity for gravy are his chief characteristics.

Upload, share, search and download for free. As a little boy he showed such a precocious tendency to having his own way about things, that his parents grew anxious lest he should choose the profession of law licg, when he reached maturity.

Upload, share, search and download for free. The writer feels, however, that some of “Beef’s” friends are too partial. We trust this Southern mechanical engineer will meet a reception in life as warm as the sun in the land of his home. While at home Johnny had a fondness for deer hunting, but, after his arrival, his mode of game seeking changed dears are now his specialty.


Being one of the pikns in the Arts course, he has had plenty of time to make Auburn, Syracuse, Binghamton, and last but best of all, Newburg- on-the-Hudson, his headquarters during his stirminus college course. As we go to press, for his first practical experiment, he is attempting to unite the Rose and Grey with the Red and White.

The specimen before you is of Hibi-iiii. Freshman year, a navigator; Sophomore year, a laborer; Junior year, a dentist; Senior year, utterly impossible t tell. And hate can be created.

Pesnji se jedn o tituly: It was too much for Forestry, and the course was never given afterwards, but “Max” was not discour- aged, and next tackled Chemistry.

To the art or science of bridge building this embryonic Eads will devote himself. Kahl’s ambition is to be an inventor, and he has high hopes of reducing the coefficient of friction of an arm going to waist to a minimum. As a vocalist, his efforts were not sufficiently appreciated by “de main guy,” but, nevertheless, his melodious voice is often heard warbling “Dearie” and other touching ballads. Food analysis is his specialty.

However, he has mai to specialize in Mechanical Engineering and will, without doubt, easily obtain his degree next June. He has an exhaustless stock of hot air continually on tap.

Coming from the city of laundrymen, “Art” has done as well as he could here and has managed the Student Agency for two years. During his early life among us Walter was an officer of the “Light Brigade,” and often his bell-like voice has been heard shouting to the humble “Frosh,” “Aaron, Abrahams, Acklin, Adams,” etc.


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Here is one of your liberally educated Mechanical Engineers. Being a novice, he spent most of his time trying to till in the middle. He is, in fact, interested in any subject from fussing or athletics to science, philosophy or religion.

From the very first, “Me Hearty” was attracted to that little boat house down on the inlet, and there he received the re- quirements that fitted him for five victorious intercolle- giate crews.

We join in wishing “Hech” every success that may be attained in life. Arriving at the age of discretion, our hero chose Cornell as his Alma Mater. In the 28th century, Valerian Dane DeHaan and Laureline Cara Delevingne are a team of special operatives charged with maintaining order throughout He has ever been an M. The railroads, however, must needs convey him to Ithaca as an aspirant for A.

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He is the modest hero of many conquests, and at once becaire famous when he entered Cornell. Since his arrival at Lincoln he has been a hard worker and a thorough investigator, and due to this, no doubt, has not distinguished himself here in athletics.

It has been said that no good thing artthas come out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa for proof of this statement, witness the accompanying phiz. Y camr m ‘iiu-ll because he didn’t think a Philadelphia Central llih School A.