HONOUR. DESIRE. VENGEANCE. Aryavarta – the ancient realm of the noble. For generations, the Firstborn dynasty of scholar-sages, descendants of Vasishta . Maybe I am a little late to the party but could not resist answering this question as I have read one series and attmepted to read the other but failed. First about. Krishna Udayasankar is a Singapore-based Indian author, known for her modern retelling of Mahabharata through the novels Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra. The three books collectively comprise The Aryavarta Chronicles.

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If you can stomach idea of Govinda as a human being having every humanly shade we posses and not as a god having divine power then you should read this book, because this book has many trigger points if you cannot handle dhronicles thing.

Read reviews that mention aryavarta chronicles well developed indian mythology must read command over her language great epic krishna udayasankar book is definitely read book good read govinda events fiction mythological narration mahabharat mahabharatha human narrative retelling. Panchali Draupathi is a feminist but not in the true sense of the term.

After the great success of the shiva trilogy a lot of new authors have found confidence to draw from indian mythologies and make a attempt at historical fiction. At the end, I would just say that I am really excited to pick up the second book after the events that startled chronjcles at the climax of the first one. Merit should be awarded to the author for having stepped away from the ages old way of garishly painting Duryodhana as the baddie.

Sonam Kapoor acquires rights for The Aryavarta Chronicles | bollywood | Hindustan Times

And I have given it two stars only because I think the author has a strong command over her language and style of writing. I thought this to be the strongpoint for the book but it all depends on the perspective of each reader. The rating is 3. The world settings as well as the political structure are very effectively described for the readers to understand the why and what about the land. Govinda Shuri, a cowherd turned prince and Commander of the armies of Dwarka — and is a master of strategy, statecraft, tactics — plots a sharp political plan which takes a political milegae by aligning with Pandava Pandava in turn are denied throne of Hastinapur by Dhuryodhana on extremely untenable ground that their father Pandu was an impotent against his arch-enemy Jarasandh who is politically aligned to Dhuryodhana.


The epic has been etched in our memories with the excellent TV series and the millions of comic and graphic renditions. Heroes, villains, gods and demons walk among these tales and it would make even the seasoned fantasy writers stare in wonderment at the seemingly endless treasure trove that stands before them.

Let me tell you its not completely retelling of Mahabharata, its just set in the mahabharata world and author tries to find out “historical” aspects of Mahabharata than that of “mythological” one.

Udayasankar says it better than anyone else – “We are the stories we tell. It is not a question of whose version is correct, or if notions of accuracy are even relevant in the world we live in today.

The relationships between each caharacter and the emotions are written splendidly. This is one book that chroniclfs, teases and begs the pages not chrobicles run its course.

This is appealing for readers like me who would enjoy looking at a story which is probably the most popular mythological story across India from a different perspective rather than the story and characters remaining the same but just a re-telling being done in a different style. This book takes the bones of the Mahabharata saga and then weaves it away from its magical, divine entity roots and makes it out to be a socio-political saga that makes this debut book very aruavarta and even so for those like myself who have a good idea about what to expect.

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Because of the sheer literary prowess in the words. Review There has to be a law against writing and releasing books in parts – it is sheer torture to be kept waiting for the next one! In this way, Krishna Udayshankar paints all her characters in grey, which essential means that both the good and the bad resides within us rather than portraying extreme goodness or badness of a character.


But surprise awaited me at every turn of the page. This book is history, myth, fiction, thriller, and all in all a very logical and consistent narrative. One thing that majorly differentiates Mahabharata from Ramayana is the fact that the former has a lot many characters with intricate level of relations and loyalties.

In the aftermath of ayavarta centuries-long conflict between the two orders, the once-united empire of Aryavarta lies splintered, a shadow of its former glorious self.

It is for those who want to question everything around them, even things that are passed on as myths and mythology in our society and therefore above reasoning.

Book Review: The Aryavarta Chronicles, Book 1: Govinda – Rain From A Stranger

I personally remember once incident in which Partha goes to northern kingdoms, all the journey travelled by partha from northern kingdoms to eastern kingdoms is very well narrated and written. Krishna wields the political baton trying to forge alliances and strengthen the aryavarrta of his cousins to counter Jarasandha’s threat.

Panchali possessed the desirable traits of many women, and was able to use these traits to influence and control. The plot is intriguing but somehow it failed to capture my interest. You are commenting using your WordPress. So according to the author Krishna Udayshankar there is a need to see through this veil of mysticism into the events as they occurred- as chronciles tagline says the epic as never told before.

Sonam Kapoor acquires rights for The Aryavarta Chronicles

The die hard fans of the Mahabaratham might get annoyed at the change in characterisations but this was a very refreshing aspect for me. Story presentation, character depiction, etc Krishna stands well as author with huge imagination, but several will not like the way several characters were portrayed.

This makes the rivalry and fighting between the Firewrights and the Firstborn dynasty take some bitter turns.