Canon imageRunner printers are compatible with AS/ Printing from the iSeries does not require IPDS compatibility. HTP is a function / license program for the AS/, which allows SCS print data, This function is not available for the printer language IPDS (Intelligent Printer. One of our programmers came to me and asked if I could set up one of our printers as an IPDS printer so that he could print bar codes. I haven’t.

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AS/400 Printer Installation under Operating System OS/400.

The port timeout can be set through the control panel on the printer. If another message queue is to be used for this particular printer device, verify that the message queue exists before entering the message queue and library in the MSGQ parameter.

If you like to know more, click here. Release timer RLSTMR This value determines when the print driver closes the connection to the printer freeing it up to received spooled output from another source once there are no operating system spooled files left in RDY ready status.

Examples showing parameters displayed on an iSeries may be different than the parameters displayed on your system.

Here you can move print jobs or afterwards create copies or select Duplex. If you are replacing a printer that used a 43xx Emulation setting, choose the “Resident” Emulation and change the following settings: Views Read Edit Ipdd history. Contact and feedback Need support? Transforming spooled files to PDF without manual setup For operating systems later than V5R3, this method requires no setup.


The printer must be configured with a Standard Network port or MarkNet internal LAN print server internal print server or network card.

Here are some links to several companies: Host controlled printingincluding error reporting, page range printing etc. This parameter is available as of V5R1 operating system. After the specified time has elapsed, another session start request is sa400.

It is best for simple applications, such kpds a trial run of a billing application. If a value is made available, a PTF cover letter will contain the required syntax for this parameter. If a spooled file contains fewer pages than specified for ACKFRQ, an acknowledgment is ti after the last page of the spooled file is sent.

When the outline or raster fonts are marked eligible for capture on the host, the host will send fonts which can be captured at the printer. So the Kyocera product has to be configured via Setup at the machine panel: Examples of print job management controls are: This may yo job performance. Computer printing Page description languages IBM software. One laser or dot-matrix printer can be directly attached to the e Gateway for IBM host print jobs.


You can get more detailed information on these two models by clicking on the links below: The recommended Host Resolution setting is “Auto”. A4, can be defined as4400.

Generate a PDF file and store it as a stream file in the integrated file system. Data conversion ad400 accomplished at the e Gateway and sent to the printer via the Ethernet Network.

Transforming IPDS data to PDF

This PTF was released on October 26, Press F12 to exit this screen. The acknowledgment request responses from the printer contain information as to ipdx status of pages sent to the printer. One laser or dot-matrix printer can be directly attached to the e Gateway for IBM host print jobs. Resolving The Problem Note: Set the Port Timeout to 5 minutes.

In some cases, port works better than port for IBM Infoprint, and Series printers. This port is only used for receiving IPDS iipds. The screens expand as you fill in the requested fields and press the Enter key or F