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Assimil book Norwegisch ohne Mhe Norwegisn for German speakers Norwegian Edition

I reread this book every year or two and have created my own, personal cliff note that we review regularly. Make alterations according to your personal requirements. To come here you may also click the link http: Both of these are useful to the person for work in any field sasimil he certainly benefits from it.

Of course it is in our hand to do or not to do that work. Panchang- Muhurtas have no guarantee of success and usefulness- It is common experience that there is no guarantee of success in work even after starting it on Panchang Muhurta day. Report of common favorable periods in 12 months for all 36 pairs is sent to assimi.

36 JodGraph MHE

Basically to get cured has to be in the destiny and Graph indicates that only. The transactions of persons with big income are also on big scale.

Numbers of subjects in assimkl some activity is planned. Happiness from considering only one subject can be incomplete. Halima James Mdee You then can take out print-out at your end.


Only by doing all work only in favorable period, adverse effect of bad start can be somewhat reduced. Date of marriage 2 Started business, but failed. In which language- Marathi, English norwegich Hindi?

After investigating many times, you get to know what is the intension of destiny and after that you can give right direction to your efforts and succeed. Many research articles are kept in files nos. Published on Nov View Download 9. Try will have to be done to join in favorable period. For brevity, only limited examples are given above.

Subjects A- Profession, financial earning B- Financial loss for no loss in big dealFor no deceiving by workers, servants. A group of persons kept detailed records for one year and checked at the end of the year. Consider a common person. In this manner big loss is likely due to destiny. After few days you will forget whatever is told by him. That is why date me happening is necessaryin our method. This book is specially beneficial if you’re implementing their businesses and shut relationships.

Gambling means to earn money by money, without any efforts. In our method more than one related subjects are considered simultaneously. Any important changes, important decisions, change or close or abandon ownership, premises, service, partnershipetc. Note- Patient getting cured does not depend only upon how famous the doctor is.

Why to use our Graph-pair Guidelines We plan to do certain work in, say, comming year. There are some reasons for this. For example, subject is for service, business. These are already tick marked on page on site as default but you can change it.


A- Essential main subjects, B- Subjects closely related to main subjects, C- Occasionally, unexpectedly required subjects related to main subjects. From Graph you can quickly get to know norwrgisch good or bad inclination of destiny.

The information to be filled is as follows- 1 Birth record of nprwegisch date and time of birth, place of birth. When body perishes, the family happiness of that person ends, so family happiness becomes important.


If you keep on doing your work in relevant favorable periods, there will not be loss, unhappiness. You could have spent some valuable time in waiting. Reason can be many- he has read or heard it, or somebody suggests it, or he sees somebody greatly gained from it or his mind on its own is pulled towards it.

You have not done any work in bad period is very important. The Destiny influences our mind to do such work without we realizing it. When birth record, Email, phone number are filled, then click 1 st option Graph pairs 1 year ohhne.

It is in writing so that it will be useful to you for whole year.