Classic Battletech: Technical Readout: (FAS) [Clare W. Hess, Dale L. Kemper, Jim Long, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Boy F., Jr. Petersen] on Technical Readout /Battletech: The Return of Kerensky [J. Andrew Keith, Jim Musser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Details all the . BattleTech Technical Readout: Upgrade,. Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, ‘ Mech, BattleMech,. MechWarrior and WK Games logo are registered trademarks .

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Devin rated it it was amazing May 15, A “plus” sign indicates that an item is close to the next highest condition.

Technical Readout: Upgrade – BattleTechWiki

Both sides now had an opportunity to reassess their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and respond. In the years that followed, the Inner Sphere’s Tcehnical States battled for supremacy, waging terrible wars that claimed millions of lives and crippled their technological knowledge and manufacturing capabilities.

The Word of Blake—a splinter group of ComStar—had been on the verge of joining in fulfillment of ancient prophecies. Refresh and try again. The two-year final push to Terra was the bloodiest fighting seen in centuries. The Clans and other Houses have also been busy, as the internal and external conflicts drive the rapid deployment of new military hardware.


Players who own those Battleech Readouts will find the same units presented in Technical Readout: From cargo trucks to tanker airships, airborne MASH to communications satellites, armored transport rails to coastal patrol boats, hauler exoskeletons to AgroMechs, even hover and wheeled police cruisers or civilian vehicles conscripted to the military: Pre-filled record sheets for the various units found in the technical readouts are published separately.


Featuring new technologies found in Era Report: Toby rated technicaal really liked it May 31, In the end, Terra had been freed with the Word of Blake scattered to the darkest corners of the universe.

Joe rated it it was amazing Sep 18, BattleMechs reached their pinnacle during the golden age of the Star League. Now the descendants of Kerensky are returning, armed with superior ‘Mechs and driven by one goal — total domination of the Inner Sphere.

Michael rated it really liked it Dec 12, Complete and very useable. Books by Andrew Keith.

Technical Readout 3050 – The Return of Kerensky (1st Edition)

The Invasion ended as suddenly as it had begun, and left in its place an uneasy peace. Jim rated it liked it Aug 16, Each machine is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, game stats, along with their readojt famous pilots.

Additionally, a battle armor section has been included, providing full BattleTech stats, and bartletech the histories for these twenty venerable designs. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Additionally, all the ‘Mechs, vehicles, and aerospace fighters originally found in the now out-of-print Technical Readout: The BattleTech Technical Readout: Humanity had truly inherited the stars.


In each Technical Readout entry below, links are provided that take you directly to the page where the MUL has already been sorted for battlegech those units found in the book in question. Each machine is illustrated in detail, and accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, game stats, along with their most famous pilots.

BrokenMnemonic rated it really liked it Nov 03, I was hooked instantly. The rules were extensive and, when using advanced optional rules, bordered on obsessive minutia but being a dysfunctional obsessive compulsive, I baftletech learning them a delight.

Justin Crandall rated it it was amazing Nov 27, Thanks for telling us about the problem. BattleSpace rules clarifications and record sheets are also included.

Though we only got through a few sessions, it did send me on a month-long nostalgic binge re-reading the books and re-living a hundred battles fought in Middle and High School. When the RPG came out around college times for me we even tried out a short lived mercenary game.