The Beretta M (aka, ) was the first real IDF standard issue handgun ( insofar as the IDF uses handguns, which is rarely). You could. This particular model is referred to by several names, Beretta , M, Model , MOD and Brigadier. Regardless of the name, all of. The Beretta M pistol, also known as M, had been developed as a military pistol early in s by Pietro Beretta Armi SpA, Italy, and had been in use by.

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A hold open device will keep the slide locked open after discharging the last cartridge from the magazine.

Retrieved from ” http: The Egyptians put in a large order 50k with Beretta for Ms to equip their army. The Mad Dog Killer La belva col mitra. Italian gun designer Tullio Marengoni designed the Beretta Model and was adopted by the Italian Police in the years after World War 2 to replace the underpowered Beretta Model I can email them if you like.

M A M pistol chambered in 7. To achieve better control over the full-auto fire, additional front grip can be installed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This model was available in two variants: Colt 38 Special Squad Quelli della calibro To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The M is semi-automatic, but the MR is a fully automatic model produced in small quantities.


The steel-framed version was nearly grams heavier than the alloy version, but the balance was improved. The locking piece features two locking lugs that engage appropriate recesses cut into the slide’s internal side surfaces. Cop Story Flic Story. As with any used gun whose history is unsure, have it checked by a gunsmith before firing and never rely on it until it has proven itself at the range.

The pistol is fully made out of metal but the grip plates are plastic. The later Bwretta is an updated double stack version of the M This particular pistol is a genuine Italian-made Egyptian contract pistol — not an Egyptian-made Helwan! Young, Violent, Dangerous Liberi armati pericolosi. Oct 73 Kalman Magen. Design Beretta M diagram.

Beretta M |

View List Register Login. Due to its limited usefulness only a small number was produced. Encyklopedia najnowszej broni palnej – tom 3 M-P. The “third series” of the model was the definitive production version. It was developed by Beretta in the early ‘s. The R stands for Rafficawhich is Italian for automatic.

This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This year, the Mauser company, now known for high-end berettaa, has jumped both boots into the budget hunting market with Bloody Payroll Milano violenta.

The “R” stands for Raffica, which is Italian for “volley”, “flurry”, or “burst” sometimes spoken “R” as beeetta in Englishwhich was designed and produced during the s in response to a request made by the Italian special forces.


The Version adopted by the Italian Police was known as the Modello It was the precursor to the famous Beretta Model 92 series of handguns.

The spring-loaded extractor is integrated into the slide, and the fixed-type ejector is integral to the pistol’s frame. Beretta MR select-fire with forward handle attached. Execution Berettz La polizia ringrazia.

Beretta M1951

The M fires the 9x19mm round from an 8 round single stack magazine. Most of mm951 Egyptian produced guns were made specifically for export sales abroad to bring hard cash into the country. The pistol is known as the M “Brigadier” on the civilian market. Bolan named his Brigadier “Belle” and over the course beeretta dozens of books used it to kill hundreds of Mafiosi. This particular example has some pitting, probably from improper storage; it still shoots great.

You can see the crest near the slide serrations.

A locking mechanism similar to the Walther P38 is used. I assume that the Tzahal acceptance mark is the star?

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