follow – up was performed on the Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR) .. good surgical technique and a well proven resurfacing implant is vital for success . The novel Birmingham Mid-Head Resection (BMHR) device offers the option. We have illustrated the surgical technique to manage this rare. Surgery was conducted via a standard posterior approach to the hip joint using a 58 mm BHR acetabular component, a 52 mm BMHR femoral head implant and.

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Open in a separate window. It is unknown whether this remains to be the case for the BMHR neck preserving implants. Risk of periprosthetic femoral neck fracture after hip resurfacing arthroplasty: Again, until surgica there was no corroborating evidence to suggest that this was also the case.

In addition to receiving honours of distinction from several quarters, the University of Birmingham has conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Medicine Honoris Causa technlque recognition of his sterling contributions to the medical profession.

A clinicoradiologic study of the Birmingham Mid-Head Resection device. Alongside the development of these devices, he has perfected the surgical techniques for their safe implantation. This paper illustrates the first reported case of a BMHR periprosthetic fracture. This was not a high-energy mechanism and simply involved a fall from standing height with the patient landing directly onto the right hip. And, often confronted bmhe the poor results of conventional hip replacement in young patients, he took up the challenge of developing an alternative treatment.


However, due to its existing positive results in our patients, the device is being developed as part of future resurfacing device designs. Abstract Total hip arthroplasty in the suegical leads to difficult choices in implant selection. As the pioneer behind the tdchnique, Mr McMinn is one of the few experienced surgeons in the world who can offer the BMHR procedure to tevhnique patients.

Visiting surgeons have expressed time and again that it is a treat to watch him operate. Femoral neck notching has been shown to be a significant contributor to subsequent fracture of resurfacing implants.

Birmingham Mid-Head Resection Periprosthetic Fracture

In fact load failure rates were comparable 4, N vs. This latest cadaveric study seems to imply that the BMHR may be a more forgiving bmr to use in terms of its positioning compared to its resurfacing cousins.

Support Center Support Center. The fracture started high on the superior lateral side of the femoral neck and spiralled distally to the subtrochanteric region. In addition he has developed other high performance hip and knee implants and instruments to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for the whole spectrum of joint disorders.

Thus, both implants have similar failure points when there are no deficiencies in the femoral neck cortex. Hip arthroplasty in the young has remained a challenging subject for the orthopaedic eurgical. The shape of the BMHR femoral stem is conical and is said to allow for improved physiologic loading similar to that of the intact femur. Per-operative pictures of the surgical techniques involved.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

© The McMinn Centre – Mr Derek McMinn MD FRCS Hip Resurfacing Birmingham UK

This is unlike the usual fracture pattern seen in conventional hip resurfacing arthroplasty and that seen in cadaveric BMHR studies. This difference may represent the difference between laboratory tested axially loaded cadaveric femora and real life when a fall is more likely to result in rotation forces caused by the femoral head-neck anteversion.


The Birmingham Mid Head Resection prosthesis is a recently developed hip prosthesis for patients who are keen on having metal on metal hip resurfacing but do not have enough bone stock in their femoral head to accept a resurfacing techniqud. Click here to view the main website.

Hip Resurfacing Specialist, BMHR, Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery – Derek McMinn

Journal List Clin Orthop Twchnique v. The BMHR is built on the clinical success of the BHR, offering all the advantages of tfchnique hip resurfacing – a good range of movement, excellent stability, reduced risk of dislocation and better revision options than a THR. Received Jan 11; Accepted May It is feasible even in patients who have large cysts or other structural abnormalities of the proximal femur.

Reasons for revision include fracture through the femoral neck. However, this evidence needs to be strengthened with other such trials.

Bose of ARCH is one of the very few surgeons in the world to perform this surgery.