Break. Ossa rotte: Hannah Moskowitz: Books – Break has ratings and reviews. Clair said: The premise for Break both horrified and fascinated me when I decided to finally check out Hannah Mo. Preview and download books by Hannah Moskowitz, including Break, A History of Break – Ossa rotte Hannah Moskowitz, Marco Impossible (Unabridged). 1.

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May 24, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: He’s one messed up kid, it’s like watching a bbreak wreck over and over and over and over again. She is the one who yannah seriously fucked in the head!

View all 6 comments. You know how I said about that condition where you can’t feel pain earlier? Jonah starts to unravel, and really strange things start to happen. And then when the book is all said and done it hits something so deep that it makes you wonder if it’s an issue that really happening. Then there’s Jesse, his brother with severe food allergies; Will, his baby brother that never stops crying; and his parents who always find moskowktz to fight about.

There’s moskowifz baby who cries incessantly and his mindlessly religious parents are quick to lash out verbally at one a BREAK is a story about a family, each of is broken in very different ways.

This cleared up later on and by the last chapter, the nice tie-in from the beginning completely enveloped me. But Jonah, and the life he is surrounded with, is complex and entangled.

And his buddy Naomi is there to record it. Props to her for this!

I would definitely recommend it to older teens – the large amount of profanity and violence of the subject matter is likely too mature for a younger audience. Jonah’s reaction to all of this is to internalize the idea that broken bones, once healed, grow stronger.


May 09, Tabitha Olson rated it liked it Shelves: Nevertheless, I found him tremendously sympathetic and compelling. I am a diehard Rote fan, and Moskowitz is the Palahniuk of her generation. That collarbone fracture I spoke of last paragraph has basically destroyed my ability to lift my left arm up in the air. However, halfway through my enthusiasm waned. I kept reading hoping the baby would simply stay alive from one page to the next Everything else in his life is absolute chaos.

On the one hand, it was well written; I started it about 20 minutes until bedtime, and stayed up late to finish it. Charlotte, on the other hand, seems really disposable. Her sneakers make bubble-gum smacks against the pavement on her way to me… I choke out a sweaty, clogged piece of laughter… She waits while I pant, my head against my skinned knee.

Break by Hannah Moskowitz. Going into the story after reading the rather compelling sample chapter, I had a few questions I hoped would be answered over the course of this book. And his parents pissed me off, they seem to care, but from a distance.

Why did they think that what Jonah did was so great? I could never ever imagine doing it to myself on purpose, so I was intrigued. Less convincing were the parents. I read about it in a magazine years ago — a mother had twins with this condition who would experiment in rotre their fingers back as far as possible, often to breaking point.

In fact, all of the younger characters in this book are very real. In the end, the novel starts to unravel losing its believability in action that never quite reaches a climax worthy of the previous writing. On the other hand, Jonah’s psychiatrist immediately sees the flaw in his thinking, and Jonah’s narration reminds us that anyone who doesn’t understand this perfect logic is a small-minded Western thinker.

When Jonah’s self-destructive spiral accelerates and he hits rock bottom, will he find true strength or surrender to his breaking point?


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Break is about Jonah going mosjowitz a bone-breaking spree and his best friend, Naomi, is there to capture it all on video. Or that they could be so blind to the fact that their other son was regularly doing himself serious damage. The night before, he explained his interest in Confucianism more specifically, how it relates to the family unit to his friends, who seemed to all agree with him. When I first picked this book up, I msokowitz hooked.

So yeah, shit starts getting real because Jonah, the main character, falls off his skateboard. Minus the part where he breaks his bones for fun. Moskoqitz broken, and you’re fixed. I know that self-torture is out there, scary but true but to take it this far? Regular trips to the emergency room kind of allergic. So apparently when you break a bone it heals stronger. The dialogue is true to type, and honest in its presentation.

His relationship with his brother, Jesse, is heartfelt and strong.

Hannah Moskowitz

Good chance of dying young kind of allergic. This review is also available on my blog: The main character in Break and I virtually have nothing in common, except for our ages. I had trouble accepting that they could mlskowitz so very bad at looking after Jesse and dealing with his allergies.

This book had huge I-just-want-to-keep-reading appeal, hence me writing this review just after I finished reading at 1: Jonah eventually figures out his reason for breaking his bones, but my reaction to it was probably similar to the psycologist’s.