Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Launched on June 22, , it was just the. I have recently resigned my “real job” in order to fully concentrate on the new generation of Brickmania kits and instructions. With a family to. Hello! I’m looking to trade for Brickmania Instructions. I’ll trade for anything, but here are my preferred models I’m looking for: Mark A.

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While I appreciate that my models and name have become marketable items, I do not appreciate that other people are using them to make money without sending me royalties, let alone bothering to ask my permission. Playing with Lego bricks is one of my foremost passions in life, but doing Brickmania kits also involves endless hours of just plain work. I have recently resigned my “real job” in order to fully concentrate on the new generation of Brickmania kits and instructions.

With a family to support this means I have to be very conscious about making a positive return on my investment of time and money. When someone else is selling my products it takes away from the legitimate return I should be receiving for my time, skills and material expenses. I control the copyright on all Brickmania instructions, kit packaging, website and all images contained therein.

Permission is granted to make a backup or printout of my instructions for personal use only. Any other reproduction for sale, transfer or other distribution is not allowed except with my written permission. My instructions and kits are intended for the end-user to build a model of my design for their own personal use and enjoyment.

These designs are also my intellectual property and may not be resold or otherwise distributed without my written permission.

In other words it is not OK to use my instructions—even if paid for them—to recreate my designs for resale. The exception being posting of images of models derived from my kits and instructions on personal web blogs and galleries.

In this case I politely ask that credit be given for my design and a link provided back to http: Faced with the prospect of not being able to put food in my kids’ bellies I must insist that these guidelines be respected. When someone puts so much effort and passion in their hobby, and most of all when it becomes their job and way of earning a living for them and their family, respect and honesty are the most important things. I think you’re totally right in asking people to follow those guidelines, and I hope things will solve soon.

Hey there Brickmania, sorry to hear that people are taking credit for your work. I really hate to see that happen. Thanks for trusting Eurobricks as a place to get word to the community. Best of luck nipping this thing in the bud! Sorry to here about your predicament. I am sure you can trust the members here at Eurobricks though.

Thanks for sharing this notice. In other words it is not OK to use my instructions.

An absolutely ridiculous situation. I’ve found that a certain part of the population has no respect for the work of others and won’t hesitate to misuse it. Fortunately, it isn’t a large group, but it doesn’t take many to do the damage. I’ve seen a lot of that going on with custom decals and most recently, people stealing pictures of entire MOCs to claim as their own in contests. I hope this all gets resolved soon, and you can start getting all the credit you deserve.

Best of luck, and, like IS said, if there is anything we can do to help, just say. Would it be appropriate to make a frontpage announcement regarding plagiarism and stuff like this? I have seem them on line too I have also seen others claiming some of instructiojs work as there own.


I sympathize with your situation. It is unfortunate that people are buying from these 3rd brickmanai 4th parties, rather than you. It seems from what you’ve said that you are encountering people who’ve purchased your product and are trying to resell it again. You can stop reading and ignore everything below if this isn’t the case. I am not a lawyer, just an avid collector brickmxnia “intellectual property” information, but even if I was, actions aren’t absolutely legal or illegal until a court of law says they are on a case-by-case basis, so inxtructions take anything I say to be legal advice or to brickmanja binding.

The thing is, people are selling Lego instructions on Bricklink, sometimes not even the original but a scanned version, and people are likewise selling used Lego sets.

Not only does TLG not care to question such actions, but there is legal precedent to allow it. There is such a thing as doctrine of first sale, which states that if somebody’s purchased a set from you, they are also allowed to resell it. They aren’t allowed to make copies or to sell those copies, but they are allowed to sell the items they’ve purchased from you, or comparable replacements if their original CD is lost or unreadable, they are allowed to make copies for backup purposes, and subsequently to sell it once–provided they destroy or include in the sale all of the other backup copies.

However, I believe TLG is not suing these services into oblivion because they provide value to fans of Lego, and would garner the ill will of fans everywhere if they did so. Intsructions like to clarify that I’m not in support instrhctions the guy who buys your kit, and makes copies of your instructions and resells it.

That’s not only against the law, but I find such brickmani to be morally reprehensible. I also would never condone buying instructipns kits, and creating and subsequently selling models from your instructions. That’s probably legal or situated squarely in a gray area, but not morally acceptable.

However, what I’m saying is that once the kit and instructions leave your hands, you no longer have a say in what happens to those items. You can appeal to the community to purchase only from you which may work, and which it seems you are doingyou can ask others nicely to not resell the kits once they’ve purchased it from you and refuse to continue to sell to known brkckmania though that actually is not legal instructtions all juristictions, so ask a lawyer!

Of course, again, this cuts both ways. If you want laws that allow you to control your creative works after sale, then you’ll brivkmania have to pay TLG for anything you sell, as will everybody else on Bricklink.

This will probably drive you out of business quite quickly. My humble advice, if you will hear it, is to pay attention to the market.

If the market demands for instructions, I would advise that you sell instructions separate from the kits. Perhaps put in added-value items, such as putting the instructions on paper in a book, or offer decals with the instructions or whatnot. I’d suggest you start with the kits you’ve discontinued and are still in demand, but such business decisions are up to you.

But you cannot force the market to go whatever way you decide, brickmanix in the end, people are under no obligation to buy, and despite all of the recent BS about “too big to fail,” no business, however honorable or amazing or fair or righteous or whatnot, is entitled to succeed. Thanks for all the kind words.


Most folks have brivkmania overwhelmingly supportive as this thread has shown. I’ve only just now decided to speak up because the number of people bootlegging my stuff has shot up considerably in recent months. There really isnt a huge amount of financial rewards for what I’m doing so must speak out to defend what little return I actually have coming to me.

Once someone buys my instructionz they are free to resell it on eBay, donate it to a museum, break it up for parts, toss it in the trash or whatever they like. Sadly there are some people are manufacturing their own versions of my models and copying my instructions for resale. For the moment I’m just spreading the word that I don’t approve of this activity because it hurts my ability to keep on doing it.

T34-85 85mm Tank – Building instructions

Thanks for the clarification, brickmania, and thanks for not taking my comments the wrong way. The affairs on Lego Universe are troubling enough as it were, but I would expect community istructions and fans of MOCs to behave better. It’s not surprising on a certain level, but it is disappointing that while everybody shares the same enjoyment of building with Lego bricks, the same can’t be said when it comes to having respect for others’ works. Best of luck with stamping out these bootleggers.

I suspect though, now that you’ve let out the word, that they’re not going to have much business.

I’ve got your building instructions DVD. One of these days I am going to build that guarded church and tavern. Your work is amazing!

Sorry to hear that this is happening because you where actually one of the Lego heros of my childhood. Every time I saw that “designed by a fan” tag on I thought about how cool that would be if it happened to me. It was and still is one of my goals.

Onstructions seeing this earlier today I went to your site and downloaded the instructions to “Salty Anchor Tavern” so thank you once again. It really is a shame to see this happening and good luck.

Building Instructies –

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted June 7, With this in mind I am outlining my position on reproducing Brickmania’s kits and instructions. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It’s sad to hear what is happening to you, brickmania. That seems quite serious, who has been selling these? No one on here I hope?

It could be of a few reasons: Most of your items are discontinued which makes people want to make them any way.

Brickmania building instructions

Some people expect your no longer a active seller so they may try to take advantage of that. Posted June 7, edited. The only way to stop it is to expose it, so thank you for posting this.

If there is anything we can do to help out, let us know. Shame I had to learn of you and your hobby this way. EDIT – Hope that didn’t sound rough Edited June 7, by Dadster. Posted June 8, If you need another goon let me know! Posted June 9, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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