Find great deals for Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Hahn ( , Paperback, Revised). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter, a newbie or even just someone with a passing interest in advertising, John Caples’ book Tested. Here are all the proven selling techniques to remove the guesswork from advertising, making it a science of sure results. From writing the headline to making the.

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Perhaps greatest compliment of all, competitors start- ed their own “clubs” too! The average manufacturer, who sells through a complex system of distribution, is unable to do this.

Tell a story with about a dozen facts in all, plus the promise of a great price and a free catalog.

Born in New York, May 1, ; graduated from the U. In order to grow, you must study and surround yourself with people far wiser than you.

You have method hard. You will find that the successful advertisements usually possess one or more definite qualities that the unsuccessful ones do not have. The headlines of the unsuccessful advertisements were based on several entirely different appeals.

Here is how the address in the coupon might read: Acples seemed too good to be true. Each sets you up to get the attention you need.

The 35 Headline Formulas of John Caples

Contains the most important rules of advertising, all backed by facts. Revised Edition Professional Paperback Textbooks. The Direct Mail Revolution. Can formulas be applied to writing headlines and teasers for advertisements?

PaperbackFifth Editionpages. Sometimes a striking picture will make an advertisement good even if the headline is only ordinary. Individual words and short phrases such as BEST. Feature Reduced Price This formula, as seen in Figure 5.


Take the cheerful, positive angle. The result now is not nearly as obvious and the way to find out is to test. They must be given the same prominence throughout the test. It has been proven many times and by many advertisers that in a properly controlled test the advertisements that bring the most inquiries — what our profession calls the first step in “two-step” or “multistep” selling — usually bring in the most sales. The picture of a man’s foot with a com plaster methoods to make the meaning of the headline advegtising clear.

Advertising pro- fessionals can visualize what this will turn into. As a matter of fact, there is little sales value in fine writing.

Have your headline ask a question. Oct 06, Perennial Imperium rated it really liked it. Keep them in your back pocket for emergencies but avoid them as often as possible. Insurance companies, banks, investment plans, stockbrokers, and many others all use the money appeal in one way or another.

Here are examples of headlines of ads of this kind: Account Options Sign in. Notice that the emphasized words are words that mean something.

I doubt Caples, who spent decades refining this book during his lifetime, would have approved of it. Second, it offers the prospects a solution to some problem close to their hearts.

Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Hahn (1998, Paperback, Revised)

Headlines that are merely a statement of fact are not effective in getting people to read copy. Maintain the prospect’s interest. Now, I spend hours on headlines — days if advdrtising. Note that these were two consecutive right-hand pages, not a spread.


Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples, Fred E. Hahn – Google Books

Unsuccessful hus- bands didn’t want another lecture from their wives — even in a beauti- fully written letter. Enrollment by the hundreds of thousands provided a member-get-member data base at half the single membership cost. Our heartfelt thanks to each and all! Logic tells you that if more people buy A’s Toothpaste than any other in the avvertising, it must be superior. Therefore the creation of a personalized approach featuring a single person, Lisa Cooper, with whom the prospects could relate.

Now spend all the time you need to get the best headline possi- ble, then rewrite and polish your copy to flow naturally from final head- line to the logo.

For example, mail order advertisers, supermarkets, and department stores watch with eagle eyes the sales that result from every advertisement and every publication. What do people see of advertising? Begin your headline with the word ‘ ‘If. In striving to produce an attractive headline, the copywriter should not emphasize the “quick, easy way” to such an extent that the headline becomes unbelievable.

Otherwise, mail order and patent medicine advertisers would not continue to use them year after year. Right and Wrong Methods of Writing Headlines 35 8.