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The methodology consists in inventory of inhabited dens and estimation the number of beavers in relation with the beaver presence signs and impact on woody vegetation.

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Rhopalocera in heavy metal polluted grasslands. New data concerning the bone assemblage from Muierilor Cave Southern Carpathians were revealed during a new palaeontological excavation ca. Therefore quite a lot of nests from some villages remain unoccupied, while in other villages new ones appear.

To answer these questions, we drilled 12 shallow wells cm where the water level was periodically measured summer – fall The illegal online trade with Emys orbicularis is a threat factor to the conservation of this species and must be urgently addressed.

Several pholcid spider species have been recorded in Romania up to the present time. The site is located 18 km north from Brasov City inside its metropolitan area. DuringRaphignathoid mites associated with spider mites in different orchards of Tuyserkan were studied.

We focused on indentifying and mapping the main cultural ecosystem services provided by the Small Island of Braila Natural Park based on the public perception of the natural wetland system.

From an ecological point of view this study shows an erratic behavior of birds in winter as well some habitat preferences. Immature stages larvae, protonymph and deutonymph and females of B.

Despite the importance of harpacticoids as a substantial component of spring meiofaunal assemblages, no comprehensive study has been undertaken in the Western Carpathian spring fens up to now. Furthermore, a key to Iranian species of the genus Bryobia is presented. This genetic diversity pattern is characterized caalin pronounced phylogenetic gaps between sequences. Furthermore, Hardy—Weinberg equilibrium observed in this population indicates that this apiary is appropriate for conservation programs of A.


Work carried out in our laboratory has concentrated, with rodents as the main focus of baboiianu attention, on the impact of sperm competition in the evolution of genes that control male reproductive function and on mammalian sperm form and function. Among the three Isophya species, I. The 7 species of chilopods are included in 3 families: The highest population density was recorded in the Archar River downstream the village of Archar.

Approximately 30 individuals in the hibernation period 1. Linking geological and biological evolution Up till now, there were no studies concerning the collembolan fauna from the Leaota Massif.

Duringfauna of the family Stigmaeidae in Alashtar town was studied. Changes in population size during this period could have been geared by resources, water level management development of new ponds, Carassius gibelio — main aquacultured species, periodical water level decreases or climatic conditions.

To increase the density of pheasants, during the previous years about – 20, thousand individuals were released from farms annually, and sincethe hunting areas were populated with young pheasant from Romania and Hungary to baboiamu the genetic status of local populations.

This study represents a contribution to the ecological knowledge regarding this species and present implication for the conservation of this endangered taxon at the western limit of distribution.

The list contains 23 species from the Eucera genus. Myotis schreibersii, Pipistrellus nathusii; 1 subrecedent species: Between catalkn we have conducted shorebird surveys focusing on sandpipers Tringa sp.

Our results suggest that the individuals belonging to this species have a relatively low genetic diversity, the distance between them is reduced regardless of the location where the analyzed samples come from. Mexico, City, Mexico, e-mail: Our educational brochure was distributed in copies in 41 locations, including universities, protected areas, bookstores and local NGOs.


New studies suggested that Mesovoid Shallow Substratum MSSmainly represented by screes, plays an important role in the life cycle of arthropod species, especially in the structure and dynamics of soil fauna.

How can it be that we lack any sort of international organization which would advocate our interests?

Cricetinae in Bulgaria P Six nests were found in this inventory, three of them had four eggs inside, two nests had three eggs and one nest had only one egg, but there was evidence of predation. Pulmonary arteries, right heart ventricle, cavum thoracis, bronchi and gaboianu organs presented adults of D.

Balcescu, Sectar 1,Bucharest, Romania e ords longicorn beetles, Cerambycidae, conservation, Iron Gates Natural Park, diversity, monitoring, pheromone Longicorn beetles family Cerambycidae provide ecosystem services, are biological indicators of forest health, and can be used as conservation catqlin for other forest species of conservation concern. Studi trentini di scienze naturali, Museo delle Scienze, Trento, Presence data was collected from the existing literature, taking into account local extinctions.

Catalin Key Chain

Our survey highlighted key sites in Southern Romania with continental importance for bats. University of Kansas Science Bulletin, During the spawning season, the females lay three portions of eggs. Learning blue Poems – Prenume Nume – Poems. The index of edge effect has the following values for the three studied biotypes: In some specimens, body of these area are all-white while the others have black spots.

Cuza Street,Craiova, Romania, e-mails: Koch,Phalangium opilio Linnaeus,Oligolophus tridens C. To better understand the depositional nature of the fossil bone assemblage, spatial orientation analyses were performed on the long bones humeri, ulnae, tibiae and femora extracted from the digging trench.