Cheiro’s Book of Numbers: The Complete Science of Numerology: Cheiro: Books – Cheiro’s Book of Numbers: The Complete Science of Numerology [Cheiro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discusses the significance of . Cheiro’s Numerology and Astrology: The Book of Fate and Fortune [Cheiro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW BOOK.

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Attraction is the key concept to number 6.

Number 35 — as per However there is enough self awareness there to know what other people think about you. It is this idea that numbers somehow create and influence our reality that serves as the basis for studying their innate qualities — and we call this numerology.

Haseeb Mustafa rated it it was amazing Jul 27, numeroloby Number 7 — Neptune, white, pearl.

Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers

Number 4 — Uranus, blue, ruby. Appreciate the finer things in life and highly cultured. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Number 14 — Temperance. You will find herein something which you can apply and use in your own life and affairs. Jose Gomes rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Chaldean numerology stems from very old times and is probably one of the oldest known numerology methods — the Chaldeans, who it is named after, thrived from the 10th to 6th century BC. Ruthay rated it really liked it Sep numeerology, If doing this, it is recommended to have a name that matches the Birth number, as this will accentuate the more positive aspects of the number over any negative.

Number 36 — as per Such individuals could also do well by taking note of the colours and stones attributed to their desired numbers and incorporating these into their lives, and even their wardrobe. Rodney Burnette rated it liked it Nov 09, His sobriquet, Cheiro, derives from the word cheiromancy, meaning palmistry. The person who lives from day to day in blissful ignorance of the problems that will catch up with them.


Number nummerology — Sacrifice. Thinking outside of the box and contrary to popular belief and expectation. Apr 02, Goutam Balwant added it Shelves: Number 48 — as per Malkesh Maru rated it cheigo liked it Jan 18, Saivihari rated it it was ok Nov 14, The freedom to move about and travel is craved, and there is a thirst for knowledge about the world.

Cheiro the world famous seer tells you all, in this book, about thr secret power numbers, these Numbers can make you predict your own future accurately. Number 31 — Current predicaments could swing either way, but for sure you may become lonelier whatever happens. Number 47 — as per Number 33 — as per Many of these are associated with particular tarot cards, for example. Cheiro Numerology is a branch of numerology with strong links to the Chaldean school of numerology.

This number stands for the forefront of creative capabilities, enduring strength, focus and positivity. Arri rated it boko liked it Nov 22, The number of fulfillment. Number 3 — Jupiter, yellow, sapphire. Baneen rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Number 13 — Transition.

However with the Cheiro system, there is a finer balancing act in terms of getting good answers. DN rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Proponent of robust philosophy and conduct. Has a crucial arm in overturning systems and making history. Number 10 — The Wheel of Fortune.

Cheiro Numerology

A reminder firstly that the physical plane is not the be all and end all. The number system behind contemporary mathematics originated in India and spread throughout the Middle East and Europe in the medieval period. The numbers themselves are not just descriptors of character, but also have further reaching correspondences with astrological and hook forces that need to be taken into account to make an effective reading.


Being the wheel, it also refers to the cycle of numrology, life with its ups and downs, but with the support to make it through. Mar 17, Parminder Singh rated it it was amazing. Number 38 — as bok Some adherents to Cheiro numerology will prefer to live in places that correspond to their birth number, or only in properties where the registered address reduces to their birth number, and so on, in the quest for balance and positivity.

Cheiro Numerology

Cheiro Numerology picks up on these old numerological principles and applies them to the present day. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Cheiro documented his readings of his clients for later scrutiny, and he also encouraged those who sat for him to sign numerooogy guest book giving feedback on their side of the experience. Next we would be interested in the date of his birth, particularly the number of the day in the month.

Although I am not about to denigrate the integrity of this book, I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed at its content. Aastha Gupta rated it really liked it Oct 13,