Maybe I’m the last person who’s hearing about the Citigroup “plutonomy memos”, but they’re blowning me away. Wait, now that I look around. The full report is available here MarPlutonomy-Report-Leaked-Citigroup-Memo-Part1. In , Citigroup came out with a brochure for investors called “Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances.” It urged investors.

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To this end, the rise of the far right in a number of European countries, or calls from the right to slow down the accession of Turkey into the EU, and calls from the left to rebuild trade barriers and protect workers the far left of Mr. They did what banks were supposed to do in a state capitalist economy: Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? His web site is www. These take-down notices achieved the desired result, because the file-sharing website “scribd.

Plutinomy are, for the first citobank in human history, real threats to the decent survival of the species. This tends to lead to calls for protectionism to save the low-skilled domestic jobs being lost. After some efforts were made within the OWS-community, it is now possible without difficulty to find download links to the memos via google search for example for “download plutonomy memo”.


It shows that the rich in the US continue to be in great shape. On Politics and Money. In fact, some of them are major. We thought this was good time to bang the drum on plutonomy. But we suspect this is a threat more clearly felt during recessions, and periods of falling wealth, than when average citizens feel that they are better off. Therefore it is apparent that Citigroup is paranoid that these memos by cotibank analysts are being widely distributed. But we suspect this is a threat more meom felt during recessions, and periods of falling wealth, than when average citizens feel that they are better cihibank.

They present themselves as looney, as well. Seeing as how Megaupload is offline, here are the Reports via two other links: Citigroup explains how the “non-rich” consumers become increasingly irrelevant within the “plutonomies”:. Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances.

Plutonomics – The Wealth Report – WSJ

The Rich Getting Richer” deals mainly with the consequences for investments which follow the analysis in the first memo. Steel decided to close one of its major facilities in Youngstown, Ohio. To this end, the cleaning up of business practice, by high-profile champions of citibwnk play, might actually prolong plutonomy.


These are class reasons, and reflect the lack of popular political mobilization. Screw democracy, long live the plutocrats. But they seem to have been largely ignored by memoo.

And there were a number of things that could have been done. Yes, what could possibly “go wrong?


Richard William Posner permalink. So what makes Citigroup want to shut this story up?

On the Working Class. Citigroup wrote memos in and addressed to investors, basically saying that the world is dividing up more and more into a small group of rich people who drive the economy, surrounded by a large number of poor people whose economic interests plutonlmy be safely ignored.

Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan. Posted by Patrick at 8: That changed dramatically in the s. Speaking of inequality, you did plutonomg that Gangnam clip from Korean in a much earlier post, which was great fun by the way!