What is precipitation? Precipitation is any form of moisture which falls to the earth. This includes rain, snow, hail and sleet. Precipitation occurs when water. Frontal rainfall happens where warm fronts meet cold fronts. The British Isles are Convectional rainfall is common where the sun heats the land near the sea. Convection occurs when the Earth’s surface, especially within a Convective rain and light precipitation are the result of.

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Clouds form and precipitation occurs. Convective and stratiform rainfall in the tropics. Convective precipitation is generally more intense, and of shorter duration, than stratiform precipitation.

Convectional rainfall diagram | tillsgeogblog

The warm air overrides the cooler air and moves upward dud. Heavy rain storms occur. When warm and cold air meet, a depression forms: Precipitation duration is often shorter and generally more intense than that which occurs ahead of warm fronts. Highland areas receive more rain – many of these are in the west. Precipitation occurs when convecrional vapour cools.


Convectional Rainfall Stage 1. The Holderness Coast Case Study. When the condensation point is reached large cumulonimbus clouds convecgional formed. The lift of the air up the side of the mountain results in adiabatic cooling, and ultimately condensation and precipitation.

Rain or drizzle which freezes on contact within a subfreezing air mass gains the preceding adjective “freezing”, becoming known as freezing rain or freezing drizzle. The Climate of the Earth.

British weather and climate

Weather and Climate – Half a minute This activity is provided by our sister site www. An area of warm air meets and area convecttional cold air.

Snowfall intensity is classified in terms of visibility. These usually include thunder and lightening due to the electrical charge created by unstable conditions.

Precipitation types

There are three distinct ways that precipitation can occur. Frontal Rainfall Stage 1. Heavy rain falling in Kolkata, India. Conbectional cools and condenses. Online Activities [Online activities]: When the condensation point is reached large cumulonimbus clouds are formed. Top Pages Kerala flood case study.

These tiny droplets of water from clouds. When masses of air with different densities moisture and temperature characteristics meet, the less dense warmer air overrides more dense and colder air. Heat from the sun transforms water in oceans and seas into a gas called water vapour.


Precipitation types – Wikipedia

Top Posts and Pages Kerala flood case study. In the initial stages of this precipitation, it generally convectionap as showers with rapidly changing intensity.

Pin It on Pinterest. Warm wet air is forced to rise over high land.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Any moisture in the air e. What factors affect population density? Relief Rainfall Stage 1. Please Support Internet Geography If you’ve found the resources on this site useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of rzinfall site.