It is CSI’s recommended organization of information within an individual specification section. The consistency introduced by following SectionFormat promotes. About CSI: The Construction Specifications Institute is a professional association MasterFormat,™ SectionFormat™, PageFormat™, UniFormat™, National. Enter CSC/CSI SectionFormat. SectionFormat subscribes to the theory all requirements found in a specification can be organized into one of.

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In the latter case, it may be necessary to refer to the Division 00 Document or Division 01 Section that defines procedures for substitutions.

This Article permits the reader to assess section content quickly. The purpose of this Article is to fully identify standards that are referenced elsewhere using an abbreviated nomenclature.

Alignment of text so that lines all begin or end along a predetermined left or right margin. Precede each Article title with extra line space.

The Specifier should select or amend the titles most appropriate for describing the relevant text. The addressing scheme should start over in each set of paragraphs in an Article. PageFormat offers a recommended arrangement of text on a specification page within a project manual, by providing a framework for consistently formatting and designating articles, paragraphs, and sub-paragraphs.

These requirements should be specified elsewhere in Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3, as appropriate.

SectionFormat and PageFormat |

Service agreements, if not paid in advance, should be separate from the construction agreement to avoid delaying the final payment and holding the contract open for extended periods. If levels subordinate to subparagraphs are required, they are appropriately indented. References to procedural matters in Division 01 should not be included here.

Also delete any other item or paragraph not applicable in. As you can imagine, new titles were added, some were moved from one Part to another, and some were reorganized within the same Part. Coordinate terminology with contract requirements. Sample of special warranties. In addition to the goals listed above, this edition of PageFormat has been revised to separate the issues of visual presentation format from issues of production or word processing.


Optional items include the following: This may include incorporating accessories, anchorage, and any special separation or bonding. Include descriptions outlining the relationship of new products, materials, and finishes between the work of this Section and existing work.

BSD – CSI’s 3 Part Section Format

Describe submittal of record documentation specific to this Section. This makes retrieval of relevant information quicker by visually indicating the superior sectiobformat subordinate relationships of the requirements within the text.

Include statements specific to this Section that supplement or extend warranties contained in the Contracting Requirements. The difference is whether the screen shows bottom and top margins xectionformat pages. Service agreement specified in this Section.

Note that in some instances a certification might be in the form of a letter on official letterhead stating compliance with the certification requirement.

Describe the submittal of the maintenance contract without repeating the terms of the contract which should be specified in Part 3 or procedures for handling these submittals which should be specified in Division EPDM, minimum mil thickness, inch sheet width. If desired, include attachments, such as schedules, tables, illustrations, or forms in this location, if they are not incorporated directly within aectionformat specification text.

SectionFormat/ PageFormat. The Recommended Format for Construction Specifications Sections

Accessories that are a portion of a unit of equipment or manufactured item should be specified with that item, not here. Describe methods to be used for measurement of quantities.

SectionFormat provides a uniform approach to organizing subject matter within each specification section.

For qualified Installer and testing agency M. The related Part should include a reference to the attachments. With smaller fonts, keep approximately the same sfctionformat of characters on a line as with larger fonts. Use the subordinate Article titles below to list qualification requirements for the following entities where the selection is at the option of the Contractor. Illustrations might not technically relate to Part 2 or Part 3, but may be placed at this location for convenience. Section References; Section Abbreviations and Acronyms.


An all-numeric scheme consists of a period followed by a number Headings for subparagraphs follow the same recommendations as for paragraphs, but may also consist of sentence fragments in sentence case with sectuonformat without a heading.

Text on page is parallel to longer dimension of page. Mere inclusion of a standard in this list does not necessarily require compliance with that standard. When landscape orientation is used, a two-column layout is recommended for readability. Items known commercially as electro-mechanical hardware, required for special applications at limited doors.

When the specification requires a Contractor Quality Control Program, the Contractor shall establish, provide, and More information. Adhered KEE membrane roofing system. On newer versions of Microsoft Word.

If the related work is “by Owner,” it would be appropriate to reference Section Summary of Work or Section Work by Owner, where provisions could reference other documents.

Common types of accessory products sectlonformat fasteners, adhesives, and flashings. Roman numerals should not be used because of the difficulty they present in horizontal spacing, renumbering, electronic automatic numbering, and readability.

This Article csu not “scope” the section or imply trade jurisdiction; the integrity or completeness of a section does not require its use.

Include statements describing Contractor’s certification of compliance with specification requirements that are specific to sustainability.