Buy CXZ/H20 with extended same day shipping times. View datasheets , stock and pricing, or find other Modem Modules. CXZ Specifications: Device Type: Modem ; Supply Voltage: V ; Data Rate: 2 kbps Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CXZ. Case/Package, LCC. Data Rate, Kbps. Mount, Surface Mount. Operating Supply Voltage, V. Compliance. RoHS: Compliant. Datasheets. Conexant.

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cx Conexant Systems, Inc., cx Datasheet – Page 10

The modem’s internal RAM can be used to load new country profiles, override existing country profiles or add customized firmware code. Escape sequence detection is disabled by an S2 Register value greater than Connect to emitter of Q through R The modem provides a detection and negotiation technique for determining and establishing the best method of error correction between two modems.

After dialing, modem operation is controlled by fax commands. The DIB data channel supports bidirectional half-duplex serial transfer of data, control, and status information between the CXx and the LSD over two lines. R and C must be placed very close to pin 6. Oa Electronic Inductor Output.

Industry standard and shortened answer tone B and V. Hands-free full-duplex telephone operation is supported in Speakerphone Mode under host control. Ia Electronic Inductor Feedback. This output can be optionally connected to a low-cost on-board speaker, e. Leave open for normal operation. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document.

CXx DC electrical characteristics are listed in Table The modem can detect and qualify ring signals and process AT commands. The server must support quick connect profiles. In fax modem mode, the modem can operate in 2-wire, half-duplex, synchronous modes and can support Group 3 facsimile send and receive speeds of,and bps.


With PCM upstream enabled, data transmission supports sending data at line speeds up to 48 kbps. Connect to emitter of transistor Q This prevents forward biasing the input protection diodes and possibly entering a latch up mode due to high current transients.

Default parameters support U. This significant improvement is most noticeable when browsing and searching the web since HTML text files are highly compressible.

USB V.92/V.34/V.32bis Controllered Modem With CX20548 SmartDAA®

A maximum of 48 kbps upstream rate is supported when connected to a V. Speech received from the telephone line is xatasheet, converted to analog form, and output to the speaker or handset. The modem features internal RAM memory that enhances the modem’s flexibility. Speakerphone Mode Optional When using the optional CX Codec, the modem includes additional telephone handset, external microphone, and external speaker interfaces which support voice datsaheet full-duplex speakerphone FDSP operation.

The CX Codec hardware interface signals are described in Table The CX current and power requirements are listed in Table CX Codec analog electrical characteristics are listed in Table Received analog mono audio samples are converted to digital form and formatted into 8-bit unsigned linear PCM format for reading by the host.

This allows the modem to maintain compliance with U. This feature can be used to quickly drop a modem connection in the event when a user picks up an extension phone line. Conexant assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in these materials.


C must be placed close to pins 2. Outputs transmit signal and impedance matching signal; connect to base of transistor Q Voice Transmit Mode supports playback of voice or audio data to the telephone line.

Ring detection frequency catasheet. Calling tone is generated in accordance with T. Information in this document is provided in connection with Conexant Systems, Inc.

CXA Conexant Systems | WIN SOURCE

Active low input asserted to power down the CX Codec. The modem can be awakened by the host sending a single any character typically followed by an AT command or by the modem receiving a qualified ring. Pin 37 is the paddle on the bottom of the package. Product names or services listed in this publication are for identification purposes only, and may be trademarks of third parties.

Ia Receive Analog Input. Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners. The default countries supported are listed in Table The modem is connected to a fixed digital ground and operates with standard CMOS logic levels. Therefore, all inputs daasheet be connected to an appropriate supply voltage. The server must support Modem-on-Hold functionality.

An unterminated input can acquire unpredictable voltages through coupling with stray capacitance and internal cross talk. Conexant makes no commitment to update the information and shall have datashret responsibility whatsoever for conflicts or incompatibilities arising from future changes to its specifications and product descriptions.