The Upside of Irrationality has ratings and reviews. David said: I had a sufficiently positive impression of Dan Ariely from his first book, P. Irrationality is not all bad. In the Upside of irrationality, Dan Ariely examines some of the positive effects irrationality have on our lives and offers a new look on. The Upside of Irrationality has been released today in paperback! To celebrate this occasion, I will be releasing videos over the next few months — each.

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I highlighted many passages in my Kindle and suspect that I will be picking up this book again from time to uoside to reread the irratiojality. Ariely’s go Dan Ariely is one of my favorite non-fiction writers, so I was excited to find out that he’d come out with a new book, The Upside of Irrationalityand frustrated that I had to wait so long for it to be available at my library.

Peronally I enjoy reading all these not only because they are easily accessible and readable to a layman like me, but by reading them we can all learn and reflect on our own behaviour. If you do half of them well, I’ll give you half a day compensation; a third, a third; and so on.

We don’t care when they have cardiac arrest, but they make a ton for us while they’re working. Jan 06, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: That’s why you’re so attached to your amateurish IKEA bookshelf or shaky watercolor, or why you’re much more likely to endorse an idea when you’ve thought of it yourself.

The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home

What was it in that result set that pointed him specifically to self-delusion? Its basic problem is that it is a bit like Atheism — it is essentially oppositional. Maybe there is a limit to what an author can write or give in terms of contents. Jul 19, Maksim rated it really liked it. Why is revenge so important to us? If I was feeling cruel I upsise I would say that Behavioural Economics is a series of fascinating ideas in search of an over-arching theory.


I am concerned that we will learn nothing from the Global Financial Crisis. Adaptation, assertive mating and the beauty market – if you always thought it was a jungle out there, you were right and this chapter talks about the realities of how you seek and form lasting social relationships.

Da what gives this book the magnetic charm is the personalized narrative of the authors life, the openness of his feelings, the horrible memories of his recovery period having suffered 3rd degree burnsthe silly humor and yes, the slight hint of sarcasm the author tge towards his fellow bankers, economists and intellects.

Rational Economics is the view ulside people always act according to their best interests. Predictably IrrationalStumbling on Happiness and Nudge.

Exploring The ‘Upside Of Irrationality’

The book is a follow-up to his New York Times best-seller, Predictably Irrational, in which Ariely examined a number of biases that lead all of us to make unwise decisions. Although this book is written after the author’s previous book Predictably Irrationalit is a teh matter and the name dwn that book is mentioned only twice. View all 14 comments.

Ariely was badly burned as a teenager and spent 3 years hospitalized and in intense therapy.

For the Upside of Irrationality, I only give it a three star because 1 the description on the various experiments is less 2 there are rather a lot of personal experiences together with stories supporting the author’s viewpoint, rendering it less scientific 3 the themes and conclusions look a bit obvious and rather thin.

The field of behavioural science and behavoural economics has flourished in these days. His research focuses on discovering and measuring how people make decisions. This is one of a long line of behavioral-economic-statistics books a la Tipping Point and Blink, but is not well written and comes late in the game. Hardcoverpages. So while I still think Predictably Irrational is the better of the two books because it’s more interesting and instructuve to see how people fail than to see how they might succeed, The Upside of Irrationality is still a very quick and very interesting read.


The Upside of Irrationality: When confronted with choices they always decide on the one that best meets their needs. This was the first condition, which we called the meaningful condition.

Given the strength of Ariely’s first book, and the relatively short interval since its publication, it would be truly surprising thw this second book reached the same high standard.

The Upside of Irrationality – Wikipedia

So, what does Behavioural Economics stand in opposition to? This can create stress and ultimately reduce the level of performance. I absolutely loved how he used every day toys to test his theories on the value of work. Rather than simply reporting on the research of others, the author himself conducted the many psychology experiments described upsife his book.

Maybe I was in a more “critical” frame of mind when reading this, but a couple of the early chapters left me with some questions. After Predictably Irrational left me in awe, The Upside of Irrationality comes to confirm that Ariely is a top-notch social scientist and is worthy of being revered as such.