Dedication [Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin, Ashley West] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kate Hollis’s ex-boyfriend’s face plasters. Find out more about Dedication by Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more. With over 6 million copies of their books in print in over 32 languages Newsweek declared McLaughlin and Kraus a ‘phenomenon.’ The Nanny Diaries is a #1.

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Dedication is a poignant, humorous tale about modern celebrity obsession and coming of age during the divorce boom. With flawless depictions of the s, a charismatic heroine, and their signature biting wit, McLaughlin and Kraus offer up another lively and hilarious tale of a smart young woman looking for satisfaction in the chaos of contemporary culture.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Dedication by Emma McLaughlin. Nicola Kraus Goodreads Author. Now thirty-year-old Kate gets the call that Jake has finally landed back in their Vermont hometown for an MTV special.

The moment she has been waiting for has arrived. Hardcoverpages. Published June 5th by Atria first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions dedicatkon Dedicationplease sign up.

Dedication — Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

Lists with This Book. There are two ways to appreciate this book, either by giving 2 stars or 4 stars. Well, that made the story kaus and it changed in the end.

She grow and so do her love to somebody else, if you believe to things that aren’t we used to be we can get it like a falling star waiting to be catch by the dreamer.

I really liked the book because the protagonist, Katehave a certain thing that produces a greater outcome in the end. Far from what I expected and her last decision was the most outstanding thing ever happened between the reader and the protagonist.

From the first chapter of the book until the end, I can’t stop form turning the pages one at a time and reading every wonderful words that popping in front of your naked eyes.

While the story progress you can feel the tension and the annoyance of the protagonist being so obsess to one guy that cares for her but wanted fame. She met this guy whose name is Jake Sharpehe was like Bieber in real life, I’m not joking and it was true.

Being cocky and everything, jeez, that’s what a fangirl all about or maybe I’m wrong. Believe it or not Jake broke with Kate to made millions and platinum records. I don’t know if he really has the guts to face her after the end of the story. The story was absolute, she had a friend who always cares for her, Lauraa bandmate who always on her side for fun and a family who always cares for her.

She’s blind and getting rotten waiting for Jakenot realizing there are still million of cute guys waiting for her and those people who cares for her were the greatest treasure she can get. Jeez, that’s what love can do, made you blind.


The story alternates from dedicstion and her childhood years with Jakewell that made the story again unique and I enjoyed this one than Nanny Diaries.

I think her friend Laurashould receive the high dedication in her life and most important is she is sick of love. Dedication is a story of a woman waiting for her soulmate until the end of life in Earth. Katea 30 year old woman, a successful, intelligent and educated but one thing that really lacks in her life. It was someone who can comfort her forever and she thought that soulmate of her will last nicloa.


It was like a song, a three minutes song for a 17 year old girl is a lifetime but for a 30 year old woman it’s just a song. A song that only last for 3 minutes and nothing in the end. Pete Doherty is a great disappointment after all those hard work he just waste it because of drugs and alcohol. I only read one of the articles online that he’s trying to change, a no drug Pete Doherty. I can’t wait to read more of your works, girls you did a great job for this book although some readers don’t liked it.

Everyone have different tastes. Book 58 for View all 10 comments. Sep 12, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I’m rmma exactly mvlaughlin what to say about this one. I liked the way that the book was laid out — the chapters jumping to a different period in the past, and then back to the present setting, back and forth.

Unfortunately, I had a really hard time relating to the main character, Kate. I’m younger 24 than Well I’m younger 24 than she is 30but I’ve been able to relate to older protagonists nnicola through that ‘what the hell do I do with my life’ phase before. Kate struck me as whiny and, to be honest, completely obsessed with her first love, a young man who wound up betraying her, her best friend and his bandmates by stealing the bandmates’ music and claiming it as his own Okay, sure, that’s gotta be tough, but something like ten years had passed between the break-up and when the novel was set.

He’s completely unappealing, unless all you want out of him is a one-night stand. He’s the sort of man who will suck you in with charm and sweet words he doesn’t mean, and then leave in the morning, sedication a week later. A teenager might fall for it. And yet grown-up Kate is still stuck on him.

My favorite parts involved the minor characters – particularly her best friend, Laura I wonder why – that’s my name too, hahaher husband Sam, Kate’s parents.

Their stories were more interesting than Kate’s, who despite having a good life, a job she enjoys, etc etc, is stuck in a rut over a boy. The end was probably the best part, because Kate finally grew a back-bone and dumped his ass. Mclaughln really redeem the rest of the book, because she goes back to him before she tells him to go screw himself figuratively.

I’d lost any sympathy I had for Kate by that point.

Apr 10, Cristen rated it did not like it. It was juvenile, implausible, and absurd. Maybe if they dated for an extremely long time, had an long passionate affair kraaus each other subsequent to the high school break-up, etc.

I wish I could say I liked this one as well as the other books by these authors. It was cute, I guess. The story alternates betweenwhen the main character is confronting her ex-boyfriend in their hometown, and flashbacks to mclaugylin high school years. Her ddedication became a famous musician and his most famous song is about losing his virginity to the main character. There are about ten zillion pop culture references to the early 90s, some of which are funny, but others just feel like they’re trying I micola I could say I liked this one as well as the other books by these authors.


There are about ten zillion pop culture references to the early 90s, some of which are funny, deeication others just feel like they’re trying too hard to bank on nostalgia. Teenagers didn’t really drink Zima, did they? Mostly the ex-boyfriend character seems like such an ass that you wonder why this girl would be hung up on him for 13 years. It’s a bit insulting to read about an allegedly intelligent, successful young woman who is willing to stop everything in her life to track down some musician dude who seems suspiciously like John Mayer.

I knew going into this book mlaughlin it would be complete fluff. I just wanted some light summer reading. But I didn’t think this book would be so light that it would practically float away. I thought these two authors had a more savvy slant on chick lit, something for the girl reader with a brain.


Oct 15, Lina rated it it was ok Recommends it for: This comes from the same authors who produced ‘The Nanny Emma and I was really hoping that this book would capture the same light, witty charm the earlier book did. Unfortunately, the excessive teenage angst-iness and the awkward flashbacks make this read feel like you’re being held hostage at a girls sleeopver that’s pages too dedicayion.

I’ve read great books that revolve around romantic relationships and their ensuing demise or success, mclaughlib in my view, in order to be a mclaughkin read, the reader This comes from the same authors who produced ‘The Nanny Diaries,’ and I was really hoping that this book would capture the same light, witty charm the earlier book did. The success of ‘Nanny Diaries’ hinged on an eminently likable if beseiged nanny; the protagonist of ‘Dedication’ is, at age 30, more or less as obsessed and irrational as she was at Additionally, the whole book revolves around her studies obsession of a former high school flame that garners pretty much zero interest or empathy.

Mar 02, Sheela rated it it was ok Shelves: I don’t know why I continue to read their books so far, I’ve only liked Nanny Diaries. This one is about a girl whose high school sweetheart turns into a major rock star and returns to her hometown to try to rekindle dedicatio romance – can we say cliche?!

I hate the authors’ style of writing – It’s so confusing and I had to read and re-read several sentences, which is a waste of time for a book that’s meant to be a fast read. I think they’re trying to make the conversations between the characters I don’t know why I continue to read their books so far, I’ve only liked Nanny Diaries.

I think they’re trying to make the conversations between the characters seem real, but I feel like the reader was never part of their inside joke. The book started off cute, especially the high school parts, which seemed realistic.

The adult sections of the nifola were so overly dramatic and dedicahion unreal, and I didn’t nicoa like I could respect the main character who is supposed to be ejma and grounded. I gave it two stars because atleast the book was moving along and the format changing back and forth from high school to adult life was interesting.

Overall, not worth the read! Wow, did I ever hate this book. I didn’t like any of the characters! Not one made any sense to me.