The E6B flight computer, nicknamed the “whiz wheel” or “prayer wheel”, is a form of circular Manual E6Bs/CRP-1s remain popular with some users and in some environments rather than the electronic ones because they are lighter, smaller. A Pilots Guide on How to use the E6B Flight Computer by lriccc in Types > Instruction manuals. E6B Flight Computer Instructions. Instructions for the E6B Flight Computer. ASA’s E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction.

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When flying from one point to another, you are subject to being pushed by the river of air similar to being pushed downstream by water.

Once the wheel is positioned to represent a certain fixed ratio for example, pounds of fuel per hourthe rest of the wheel can be consulted to utilize that same ratio in a problem for example, how many pounds of fuel for a 2. The words in quotations above are the first words printed in the 50 page instruction manual that came with my E6B. Readers like yourself are my editors. Yes, there are modern electronic e66b of the E6B out there which have all of the functionality of a mechanical E6B and can easy be learned by reading the six page instruction sheet in all of about 20 minutes.

Philip Dalton was a Cornell University graduate who joined the United States Army as manjal artillery officer, but soon resigned and became a Naval Reserve pilot s6b until he died in a plane crash with a student practicing spins. Find the distance on scale Aand read the answer off of Scale B directly across from manuwl distance.

The middle box contains the special equipment codes used for item 3. Now try an aviation related problem: I designed it to be read through fligjt practiced in about 20 minutes, the same time it takes to become familiar with the electronic version. The metal slider is reversible and has one side for low speed aircraft like light training planes and one side for high speed aircraft like jets.


Before you start a leg time problem, you must first ask yourself: Because this is a base 60 system, the multiplication pointer wont work for most problems. The tool provided for calculation of the True Air Compputer on the front side and Time-Speed calculations in relation to the altitude on the backside.

It instead has the numbers on it. Now slide the metal slider so that the pencil mark you made lines up with your true air speed. These new technologies can draw the results of the calculation and mark wind correction components and speeds.

Also, I learnt how to use the E6B in 30 minutes, close enough to 20! So, the 90 in the example above could be a 9, 90,msnual , On the inner scale, minutes may be translated to hours and minutes by reference to the hour scale, which is below and inside the inner scale. Now, move vertically down to determine a crosswind component of 15 kt. Next, rotate “20” under “10” on the outer scale; now all numbers on the inner scale are double those on the outer scale. Tell me what you fly with — do you prefer a manual or electronic flight computer?

In this example, the ground speed vlight kts. In this example, this will mean that the mark will be left of the center-line.

It is also where you will read all variables except time. This is a good thing and a bad thing.

How To Use A Manual E6B Flight Computer | Clayviation

You can either round your answer up or down 9. It was developed prior to the VOR system, compass roses, airways, etc. Find wind correction angle, magnetic heading, and groundspeed. Use your flight computer to solve d6b practice problems answers are located below. The first tick mark to the right of “35” may represent 3. I made this post with the goal of providing a reference which could be used to learn the bulk of the essential E6B skills quickly and without frustration.


Complete the problem by use of the formulas. In aviation, the same concept applies.

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It provides a way to input and reference data with pointers kind of like the buttons on a calculator. Find the leg time on either Scale B for minutes Scale C for hours. Otherwise was a very good read! Then a pencil mark is made just above the hole, at a distance representing the wind speed D away from the hole.

Used to make fliteplans in Air Force Reply. On the backside of the E6B, you will notice a rotating dial and a metal slider. This will affect our ground speed as well as our heading. Which one you use is a personal preference — both are easy and accurate in their own way.

The ease of use of electronic calculators means typical flight training literature [1] does not cover the use of calculators or computers at all.

They are usually made out of cardboard and plastic, or aluminum and plastic, with lettering and markings either printed or engraved into the metal.

Corrections are applied to the post but the PDFs remained unchanged for the time being incase someone finds something else. If you pencil mark falls to the left of the centerline, subtract the value from your True Course to get your True Heading. Consider that a direct headwind will simply slow us down, and a direct tailwind will speed us up.

It is well designed to assist you in solving the planing and navigating problems associated with flying.

Scale Values The numbers on the outer and inner scales represent multiples of 10 of the values shown.