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BERLIN Own report – For years, the Bundeswehr has been orienting its training of combat troops on the model of the Nazi-Wehrmacht, as has been documented by a manual, aimed at furnishing “aid for combat”, published by the Army Office of the German armed forces. The case studies presented in the training manual almost exclusively refer to ausbildem of the Wehrmacht during WW II, citing numerous well known Nazis as sources, including the SS officer Paul Karl Schmidt “Paul Carell”who headed the press section of the German foreign ministry until Requirements of Warfare With its manual “Simulated Combat Training”, the Bundeswehr seeks to drill soldiers and recruits in accordance with the “requirements of warfare”.

Of the four case studies of WW II, presented to convey to the trainees an “idea of the reality of war”, three are dealing with operations following the Nazi Wehrmacht’s invasion of the Soviet Union in Inthe Army leadership again advised instructors to use this manual “because of the combat experiences”. In referring to the Wehrmacht’s “winter combat” against the Red Army inBundeswehr instructors are called upon to subject their soldiers to “long-term physical and emotional stress”.


Simulated Combat Training (I) –

The “troops should become accustomed to solving combat and deployment missions lasting more than 36 hours”. After all, unlike maneuvers, war operations are “open ended”, explains the Bundeswehr manual “Simulated Combat Training”.

The army leadership is pointing to another, in its opinion, positive effect of strenuous training – einxatznah immunization against the cruelties of war: The Army Office writes also that “winter combat” in Russia has shown the importance of “systematic training under difficult, changing and diverse environmental conditions”: The Army Office’s sources, used to illustrate ausbildden selected historical case studies, are, for the most part, based on prominent Nazis.

Among the examples, are those quoted from the book “Operation Barbarossa” about the invasion of the Soviet Union. It was in this function that May 27,Schmidt proposed to Gustav Steengracht v.

Moyland, State Secretary in the Foreign Ministry, that the Nazis create themselves – through “discoveries of explosives einsatznwh Jewish meeting halls and synagogues, of sabotage organizations, of plots to overthrow the government, attacks on the police, of large-scale foreign currency swindles directed at undermining Hungary’s monetary stability” – the “motives and the justifications” for the planned deportation of Budapest’s Jews to German death camps.


In his book, “Operation Barbarossa,” published in the s, Schmidt reiterated on entire operations of Nazi propaganda, that he had helped create: As a general in the tank forces, Guderian played a significant role in all of the operations of aggression carried out by Nazi Germany, receiving in the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, one of Nazi Germany’s highest military honors for his “successes” in the war of annihilation against the Soviet Union.

As late as August 25,Guderian wrote in an ausbildeen to his general staff officers: The Reich has no future without National Socialism.

Simulated Combat Training (I)

Therefore place yourselves unconditionally at the disposal of the National Socialist Reich. Before Witzel had been a member of the Nazi special unit “Brandenburg”, responsible for numerous war crimes and the mass murder of Jews.

Please read excerpts here. Paul Carell [6] Ernst Klee: Das Personenlexikon zum Dritten Reich.

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