matic TOC analyzer. The vario TOC cube is the very latest development of TOC/ TNb analyzers by Elementar. This top of the line analyzer is a totally new concept . TOC/TNb analysis without limitations. Revolutionary, newly designed analyzer for the determination of organically and inorganically bound carbon in liquids. Consult Elementar’s vario TOC cube brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/2.

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Alternatively cost-efficient solution with manual sample change, with or without integrated stirrer available. Alternatively cost-efficient solution with manual sample change available. A workhorse for any laboratory The vario TOC cube is designed for maximum robustness and minimal maintenance effort, thus providing industry-leading system uptime. They are certified and validated in accordance with international norms and standards.

Integrated maintenance software and comprehensive help menu. Revolutionary, newly designed analyzer for the determination of organically and inorganically bound carbon in liquids, slurries and solids. Flyer vario TOC select. Inorganic carbonate carbon TIC can be measured automatically by acidifying the sample in a sparger and stripping and detecting the released CO2.

A newly developed matrix separation system patent pending serves for long lasting uninterrupted operation times even for mineral containing samples e. Home Products vario TOC cube.


Sample injection modules for liquids Large choice of automatic sample feeders for liquids, fully integrated into the instrument. Formed CO 2 is purified through a halogen trap with a subsequent 3-step intensive gas drying system. Quick and easy exchangeable. TN b determination Choice of different detectors for the simultaneous determination of total bound nitrogen TN b. The tool-free clamp connection system ensures a reliably leaktight instrument at any time.

An advanced matrix separation technology enables customers to run hundreds of samples without the necessity of maintenance work. No modifications of the instrument hardware or detection range is necessary.

Software with high performance and maximum flexibility Instrument control with a Windows standard PC, control and evaluation software with calibration wizard, system suitability test, statistics and advanced math operations, opt. Excellent properties for analyses of saline solutions e. Easy, compact, economical The unique instrument concept is characterized by easy handling and optimized for low maintenance costs — with high flexibility and analytical performance.

Open the catalog to page 1. Solid samples are weighed in a tin container and fed automatically via a ball valve.

We do not compromise on quality of our parts and chemicals — this is the prerequisite of a guaranteed long lifetime of our instruments. TN b determination simultaneously with EC option. Large detection range From low ppb to percent. Extraordinary linearity over the entire calibration range.

vario TOC select: TOC/TNb Analyzer | Elementar

Further information on our consumables can be found here in our latest catalog. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Already in the cart.


Formed CO 2 is purified through a halogen trap with a subsequent 3-step elekentar gas drying system. Only a buyer can write a customer review. Quality you can trust Our consumables and spare parts are designed to meet the highest quality standards and reliability. Customized instrument versions Based on one very compact basic unit, the vario TOC cube can be adjusted to customers’ demands. Thus, customers can enjoy elemmentar analyses and confidence in their results.

vario TOC cube Analyzer from Elementar Americas

Set of consumables for solids: Clearly arranged, easily accessible system components minimize maintenance efforts. Ease of use The vario TOC cube is optimized to significantly simplify the daily routine operation.

This always guarantees full recovery of every organic component and an outstanding precision and accuracy. Set of consumables for liquids: Real matrix separation The new reactor concept enables real matrix separation and offers maximum protection of the combustion tube. Large detection elementa Low ppb to percent. Cellulose test with vario TOC cube.