Erythema multiforme is divided into major and minor forms and is now regarded as distinct from Stevens–Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal. dermal necrolysis, where erythema multiforme minor is the mildest type .. Gavaldá-Esteve C, Murillo-Cortés J, Poveda-Roda R. Eritema multiforme. Revisión y. Find out about erythema multiforme, a skin reaction that usually causes a rash for a few weeks.

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Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Erythema multiforme major can take up to 6 weeks to resolve. It is considered a continuum of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. Cold urticaria Familial Primary cold contact urticaria Secondary cold contact urticaria Reflex cold urticaria.

Erythema multiforme in children

It results primarily from a toxic reaction to mutliforme drugs, erittema occasionally occurs as a result of infection, neoplastic conditions, or other exposure.

Typically the lips are swollen with haemorrhagic crusts. List of human leukocyte antigen alleles associated with cutaneous conditions. Symptoms Prodrome onset weeks after causative exposure Fever Malaise Headache Cough Diffuse pain Sudden widespread skin eruption onset days after exposure See below.

In EM minor, lesions often present as papules, which might enlarge and eventually form the typical target lesion with erythema surrounding an area of central clearing. Erythema multiforme is divided into major and minor forms and is now regarded as distinct from Stevens—Johnson syndrome SJS and toxic epidermal necrolysis TEN.

If you have any concerns with your skin or its treatment, see a dermatologist for advice. It is also known as Fuchs syndromeand mucosal erythema multiforme may occasionally be due to recurrent herpes simplex. The lesions usually appear in the hands, feet, extremities, and face.

Erythema Multiforme (for Teens)

It often takes on the classical “target lesion” appearance, [4] with a pink-red ring around a pale center. Typically in erythema multiforme, few to hundreds of skin lesions erupt within a hour period. Related Topics in Dermatology. EM is a type of allergic reaction. Do you have questions about the effects of drugs, chemicals, radiation, or infections in children? Dark band of erythema Distribution: Urticaria and erythema L50—L54, Updated by Dr Delwyn Dyall-Smith, Recurrent oral erythema multiforme.


Systemic steroids have been suggested as adjuvant therapy based on their immunosuppressant effects. It varies with the age of the lesionits appearance, and which part is biopsied. The blotches develop over a few days into round target often called “bulls-eye” shapes with red, pink, and pale rings.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

It is an uncommon disorder, with peak incidence in the second and third decades of life. Erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in children: Your provider will have you stop taking any medicines that may be causing the problem.

Allergic urticaria Urticarial allergic eruption. Lesions may be at various stages of development with both typical and atypical targets present at the same time.

Erythema multiforme: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Start quickly Come back Spread Be raised or discolored Look like hives Have a central sore surrounded by pale red rings, also called a target, iris, or bulls-eye Have liquid-filled bumps or blisters of various sizes Be located on the upper body, etitema, arms, palms, hands, or feet Include the face or lips Appear evenly on both sides of the body symmetrical Other symptoms may include: Soraya suddenly developed the oddest rash.

Erythema multiforme can be recurrentwith multiple episodes mltiforme year for many years. These things can provide relief from pain or itchiness, but they won’t make the rash go away any faster. Steroids in children with erythema multiforme. EM; Erythema multiforme minor; Erythema multiforme major; Erythema multiforme minor – erythema multiforme von Hebra; Acute bullous disorder – erythema multiforme; Herpes simplex – erythema multiforme.


An exfoliative disease of skin seen primarily in adults and characterized by flaccid bullae and spreading erythema so that the skin has the appearance of being scalded. Prevention Patient Education when prescribing drugs associated with Stevens-Johnson Immediately stop suspected drug see causes above if symptoms suggestive of Stevens-Johnson Skin pain, redness or Blister development with systemic symptoms e.

Palms and soles may be involved.

If a drug cause is suspected then the possible offending drug should be ceased. It presents with a skin eruption characterised by a typical target lesion.

For more detail, see: Disease or Syndrome T This has been shown to be effective in placebo -controlled double blind studies. Treatment of Skin Disease: Page Contents Page Contents Erythema multiforme EM is a skin condition of unknown cause; it is a type of erythema possibly mediated by deposition of immune complexes mostly IgM -bound complexes in the superficial microvasculature of the skin and oral mucous membrane that usually follows an infection or drug exposure.

Response to treatment with systemic corticosteroids. Epidemiology Most common in winter and erirema spring Erltema common in adult women, but affects children of either gender equally Incidence U.

Sometimes, a person may also get the rash after taking medicine. Episodic angioedema with eosinophilia Hereditary angioedema. Infections that may lead to EM include: Disease or Syndrome T Although access to this website is not restricted, the information found here is intended for use by medical providers. Pale edematous ring Outer: Resolution within 7—10 days is the norm.