Exhortación apostólica Evangelii nuntiandi de S.S. Paulo VI acerca de la evangelización del mundo contemporaneo. by Catholic Church. Pope ( EN, Evangelii Nuntiandi (On Evangelism in the Modern World) La exhortacion apostolica Evangelii nuntiandi () no menciona la ciudad, pero se refiere a. Results 31 – 60 of 81 Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World and a great Exhortacion Apostolica de su Santidad Pablo VI Evangelii.

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It is the test of the credibility of Christians and of Christ Himself. New forms of atheism seem to flow from it: The split between the Gospel and culture is without a doubt the drama of our time, just as it was of other times.

The Successor of Peter is thus, by the will of Christ, entrusted with the preeminent ministry of teaching the revealed truth. We have already mentioned this intimate connection between the Church and evangelization. Nevertheless this universal Church is in practice incarnate in the individual Churches made up of such or such an actual part exhoryacin mankind, speaking such and such appostlica language, heirs of a cultural patrimony, of a vision of the world, of an historical past, of a particular human substratum.

Between evangelization and human advancement- development and liberation- there are in fact profound links. The whole of the New Testament, and in a special way the Acts of the Apostles, bears witness to a privileged and in a sense exemplary moment of this missionary effort which will subsequently leave its mark on the whole history of the Church.

Evangelii Nuntiandi – How is Evangelii Nuntiandi abbreviated?

Here we touch upon an aspect of evangelization which cannot leave us insensitive. As evangelizers, we must offer Christ’s faithful not the image of people divided and separated by unedifying quarrels, but the image of people who are mature in faith and capable of finding a meeting-point beyond the real tensions, thanks to a shared, sincere and disinterested search for truth. Other religious, in great numbers, give themselves nuntaindi to the proclamation of Christ.

Thus it has been possible to define evangelization in terms of evabgelii Christ to those who do not know Him, of preaching, of catechesis, of conferring Baptism and the other sacraments.

It is the beauty of the Revelation that it represents. Let us therefore preserve our fervor of spirit. Only continual attention to these two poles of the Church will enable us to perceive the richness of this relationship between the universal Church and the individual Churches.


In this same modern world, on the other hand, and this is a paradox, one cannot deny the existence of real steppingstones to Christianity, and of evangelical values at least in the form of a sense of emptiness or nostalgia. Yet another sign of love will be the effort to transmit to Christians not doubts and uncertainties born of an erudition poorly assimilated but certainties that are solid because they are anchored in the Word of God. The Second Vatican Council recalled[42] and the Synod vigorously took up again this theme of the Church which is evangelized by constant conversion and renewal, in order to evangelize the world with credibility.

This proclamation – kerygma, preaching or catechesis – occupies such an important place in evangelization that it has often become synonymous with it; and yet it is only one aspect of evangelization.

As an evangelizer, Christ first of all proclaims a kingdom, the kingdom of God; and this is so important that, by comparison, everything else becomes “the rest,” which is “given in addition.

Evangelii Nuntiandi

This kingdom and this salvation, which are the key words of Jesus Christ’s evangelization, are available to every human being as grace and mercy, and yet at the same time each individual must gain them by force – they belong to the violent, says the Lord,[24] through toil and suffering, through a life lived according to the Gospel, through abnegation and the cross, through the spirit of the beatitudes.

In brief, this means that she has a constant need of being evangelized, if she wishes to retain freshness, vigor and strength in order to proclaim the Gospel.

We rejoice in the fact that these elements basically follow the lines of those transmitted to us by the Second Vatican Council, especially in ” Lumen gentium, ” appostlica Gaudium et spes ” and ” Ad gentes. The Second Vatican Council gave a clear reply to this question: To preach not their own selves or their personal ideas,[43] but a Gospel of which neither she nor they are the absolute masters and owners, to dispose of it as evangelji wish, but a Gospel of which they are the ministers, in order to pass it on with complete fidelity.


Jesus’ last words in St. A voice for the apotlica. We can never sufficiently praise those priests who through the sacrament of Penance or through pastoral eevangelii show their readiness to guide people in the ways of the Gospel, to support them in their efforts, to raise them up if they have fallen, and always to assist them with discernment and availability.

In fact, it is only after the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost that the apostles depart to all the ends of the earth in order to begin the great work of the Church’s evangelization. But it is fully evangelizing in manifesting the fact that for man the Creator is not an anonymous and remote power; He is the Father: Exhortwcin any case the attempt to make such a synthesis will never end.

We know likewise that the world and history are filled with “seeds of the Word”; is it not therefore evangrlii illusion to claim to bring the Gospel where it already exists in the seeds that apodtlica Lord Himself has sown? We have remarked that the Church is entirely and completely evangelizing. And, as we said at the end of the last Synod, they will be a hope for the universal Church to the extent:. The whole Church therefore is called upon to evangelize, and yet within her we have different evangelizing tasks to accomplish.

The necessity of ensuring fundamental human rights cannot be separated from this just liberation which is bound up with evangelization and nntiandi endeavors to secure structures safeguarding human freedoms.

Anyone who rereads in the New Testament the origins of the Church, follows her history step by step and watches her live and act, sees that she is linked to evangelization in her most intimate being:. A glance at the origins of the Church is very illuminating, and gives the benefit of an early experience in the matter of ministries. Of course it is necessary to know and put to good use the exigencies and the possibilities of the homily, so that it can acquire all its pastoral effectiveness.