FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads, 10 cleaning tapes, full instructions. FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, DTC/ Dual hopper; PVC cards “); auto or manual feed. HID GLOBAL, HID, the HID logo, FARGO, and iCLASS, are .. installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause.

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Press SAVE to save your settings. Step Procedure Select the Magnetic Encoding tab to display options for controlling fwrgo Magnetic Stripe encoding process. Specifying the Copies Specifies the number of copies to be printed, as shown above.

Selecting the Defined Area s with the K Panel Resin tab Step Procedure Select the Defined Area s option to print the resin black K panel for all black found only in an area or areas defined, as shown below. This option is set according to the card size for which your Encoder is physically positioned inside the Printer. Select Setup Printer and Encoder Settings. This allows defined areas to be created. The card thickness slide is adjustable to accommodate card thickness variations that often occur even within standard card sizes.

Print a self-test to verify operation. Extra Cleaning Cards, 50 count. If the card is bowing downward, the reverse bending pressure may be too great.


Be extremely careful not to let any alcohol drip inside the Printer! When you remove the Printhead, you can see the circled area, as shown in the photo below.

Fargo DTC Thermal Printer Manual & User Guide – Fixya

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Printer if drc515 positive number is entered and more toward the card input side of the Printer if a negative number is entered.

Thermal Printhead configured for convenient field replacement. If the Start Sentinel is too close to the leading edge of the card, increase or make positive the Magnetic TOF setting needs. Repair the Ribbon by taping it back on to the take-up core if the Ribbon is broken. Using the Image Color tab continued Step Procedure Return all options to their factory settings by clicking on the Default button. If the Headlift Sensor is failing, replace it.

Fargo DTC500 Specifications

Defining the positioning of the area on the Card continued See the previous procedure in this section. There should be sufficient resistance to prevent the card from slipping from the Flipper table. Disconnect the Sensor Board Assembly Cable.

Note that the card grid lines are spaced at. To do this, pull out on the Securing Tab located on the bottom of the Printer, and slide the Card Output Hopper completely out of the Printer. Select Optimized for Photo when printing photo quality images with resin.


Ribbons may farg ordered individually, or in a case of See the Resolving the excessive Resin Printing problems procedure on page Printing A Test Image Note: See the next page for a photo display.

FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers

farfo See Printing the Self-test on page Using The Disable Printing Option Step Procedure Select this option to ensure no print data will be sent to the Printer while all encoding instructions will be sent according to how they are configured within the software. Select this option in conjunction with any application program that supports a multiple-page document, duplex printing.

The card grid lines are spaced at. A negative adjustment will lower the side of the Flipper Table closest to the Exit Hopper. Card with the K Panel Resin tab procedure on the next page.

Determine if the error repeats itself after replacing the Main Board. In most cases, the default settings of these options will suffice. If this message is majual, try updating the Firmware again.