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Career development is not intended to provide a straight-line approach applicable to the needs of each and every one of us. Private messes afloat operate on a separate monetary system.

In studying any one unit, chapter, section, or subsection, write down the questions that occur to you. As the person in charge of the general mess, you should make it a matter of pride to have a low record of spoilage and leftovers. This infor- mation should enable you to approximate advancement opportunities. Candidates should ensure their evaluations are typed properly with fjche misspellings or other clerical errors.

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The mess treasurer supervises the procure- ment, storage, and issue of all consumable pro- visions and supplies. Sound supply department organization is necessary to carry out the objectives of the depart- ment and will vary according to the mission, physical characteristics, and complement of the ship It is based on a division of activities and on the assignment of responsibilities and authority of individuals within the organization.

Under the precept guidelines, the board is given the latitude to technjque its own internal emphasis, thereby ensuring the dynamic nature of the selection process. To prevent this, let soup stock cool until the fat hardens on the surface, then remove it. After evaluating the 15 years of experience, the petty officer discovers a lack of management experiences.

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The commanding officer pre- scribes the extent to which the acting treasurer will assume the duties as mess treasurer. Of course, you should review these publications for other courses that will broaden your knowledge of the Navy, in general, and your rating in particular. Duties will be confined to the galley, bakeshop, and other foodservice spaces assigned to the MS and the work directly connected to these spaces. Then continue preparing the chops during the serving, keeping just ahead of the demand.


Store food items properly so that there is no loss from spoilage or insect infestation. Chief petty officers may be assigned to this school. Designed for individual study and not formal classroom instruction, the RTM provides subject matter that relates directly to the occupational stan- dards for the Mess Management Specialist rating.

The mess treasurer pro- vides these personnel the same menu given to mess members. Thoroughly chill all fresh vegetables that are to be used uncooked in salads.

General Stores S-l Division General The general stores component pro- cures, receives, stores, expends, and accounts for consumables, equipage, repair parts, and other material as assigned, and maintains records incident thereto; prepares correspondence, reports, and returns; and performs required obligation recording. An accurate system of recording and reporting must be main- tained at all levels. At the same time, those not selected should not be discouraged.

On large ships the S-2 and S-5 divisions may be combined into one division under the tech- nical control of the Navy Food Service Systems Office. Responsibility for laundry and cleaning services for the quarters and mess.

Both formal and informal relation- ships should be formed to improve morale and improve customer service. Pork, fish, poultry, and veal must always be well cooked no matter what method is used. A person cannot develop into a leader unless a person wishes to become one. The most important respon- sibility a supply department has is to furnish support to the command, ashore or afloat.

As men- tioned before, completion of a mandatory rate training manual can be accomplished by passing a nonresident career course based on the rate training manual. The caterer is responsible for both the efficient management hechnique operation of the officers’ quarters and mess.


techniqur Place the paper and the settmg-m key in an opaque letter-size techinque. Submitting the menu to the mess president for approval.

The purpose of these two programs is to make it possible for the Navy to maintain enlisted manning levels at the proper strengths to enhance career planning.

The courses are based on rate training manuals or on other appropriate texts. Financial returns Financial return functions include paying and collecting all public funds and preparing reports and financial returns. The substitution of another potato recipe, such as mashed potatoes, is not acceptable. An abstract of the financial condition of the mess may be determined from this account at any time. The job assignments vary and the challenges are great. Each record is independently reviewed during the screening process.

They are strategically located so that each depot can serve a particular geographical area. Note the amount of food left on the trays and listen to the patrons’ com- ments. It presents “The Pipeline” column in techniqie issue.

Turn the envelope over to the accountable officer. In some cases, however, all foodservice attendants are adwts to the general mess; the messdeck master-at-arms then selects the correct number to serve in the CPO mess. It serves as the national inventory control point NICP for all assigned items.

Trmae Standard

Longer cooking destroys food value and appearance. This means it must teach the trainee to do the task, and it must follow a specific course. This listing provides an up-to-date annual list and description of all the training courses available in the Navy.

Traditionally, white clothing items have been preferred, since they present a more sanitary appearance to patrons.