Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini discusses the applications of these two food disciplines in. When we eat, can we feed the soul as well as the body? Can a diet have an impact on spirituality? Spiritual Nutrition empowers readers to develop personal. “If you want to infuse your body with Love’s Light, if you want to eat Light so the sun of your heart may shine more fully, then Spiritual Nutrition is your book”.

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Cousens presents seminars worldwide on many topics including health and nutrition, psycho-spiritual healing, meditation, and spiritual awareness.

Gabriel Cousens’ Blog

We are experiencing technical difficulties. The key to success on a live-food diet is to eat pure, live foods that build ojas.

Fasting is an accelerated form of calorie restriction, and the results we see are in complete alignment with Dr. In this context, water pollution is a worldwide phenomenon and represents both a spiritual and physical crisis.

The work at the Tree of Life and in all my nutrition books, Spiritual Nutrition, Conscious Eating and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine is to provide an optimal situation for everyone to be successful vegan and live food practitioners. About Gabriel Cousens, M. Mar 03, Pages. Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini discusses the applications of these two food disciplines in detail. Visit his website at www. He received his M. At the level of the hiranyamaya kosha there is a non-causal love.

Ayurvedic Spiritual Nutrition | Dr. Gabriel Cousens

The teachings of Ayurveda help us understand a basic principle of nutrition, and even more so of live foods: Spirulina and chlorella, which are high in protein, and fatty acids like GLA, sulfonyl lipids, minerals, vitamins, and elements are both tri-doshic and excellent as ojas-builders. The author leads us beyond the limited precepts of nutrition into the realms of Divinity. These are called the food of the rishis sages or ancient Yogis, as well as the probable diet of the Essenes.


For thousands of years, Kabbalists have used pure water for physical and spiritual cleansing. The science of Ayurveda is particularly useful in helping us maintain our awareness of nutrition as the interaction between the forces of food, our own dynamic forces, the seasons, our life cycle, and spiritual life.

It involves the integrity and stored energy of protein, fat, and reproductive fluids, as well as the healthy gross tissue mass. Bee pollen, as the semen of the plant world, is an incredible live food for building ojas.

The task is for spiritual aspirants to increase all three forces—prana, tejas, and ojas—in a balanced way, so that we can have maximal energy that helps us go to our highest spiritual potential.

Chlorine helps support the blood cell function, and is […].

Limited preview – Chlorine, in its healthy food form, rather than its commercial table salt form, is present in digestive processes and glandular secretions. For more information, please visit www. My library Help Advanced Book Search. By Gabriel Cousens, M. The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook.

For kapha, the essence is ojas.

Spiritual Nutrition

If the doshas become unbalanced, the result can create disharmony in the body-mind complex. Other editions – View all Spiritual Nutritino The Best Simple Recipes. Gabriel Cousens Spiriyual preview – He is a frequent guest on popular radio talk shows, and has published articles in health journals and popular magazines on a number of health, nutrition, and social topics.

Certain tonic herbs, in general and in particular ashwaganda, shatavari, ginseng, and licorice are good for building ojas. Cousens is also a Doctor of Divinity D. It is the stored-up energetic life force of the body, or primal vigor.

The foods that are highest in tejas are, of course, live foods because they maintain and have the highest amount of bio-electron energy and actually electron energy. There are different levels of this being that there are five levels of the body and five or six levels of the mind depending on the tradition.


Cook Like a Pro. Therapeutic fasts from fourteen to twenty-one days are considered common in European fasting clinics. All these levels of awareness help us maintain the highest amount of energetic balance. This is the key to the proper application of live foods. The nadis interpenetrate all the layers of the system, and take the spiritual energy deeper into the koshas, which we nutrifion the layers of the mind. For pitta, it is tejas, which is the inner radiance or inner fire, also deeply associated with the fire of Kundalini, which is a nutrtiion important of the spiritual unfolding.

The focus of Spiritual Nutrition is to support yogis in their liberation process. Can a diet have an impact on spirituality? Gabriel Cousens discusses nutritional issues that can help answer these questions, including raw vs. Chlorine unites with potassium to work within the muscle system and gives tone to the motor centers. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord; for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord; for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

It also can help excite the sexual system.

Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. | : Books

It awakened the Kundalini and took me into the bliss of the Nothing. Merrill Stubbs and Amanda Hesser. Ojas is defined as the subtle energy of water of and earth. Selected pages Title Page.

Prana is the energy that radiates from ojas after it has been set on fire by tejas.