GE BiliSoft Phototherapy System. BiliSoft Phototherapy System is the next generation LED fiber-optic based technology for treatment of indirect. LED Phototherapy System BiliSoft™ Nominal Spectral Irradiance: 35 μW•cm-2• nm-1, Wavelength: nm (peak nm) GE Healthcare M Find out all of the information about the GE Healthcare product: infant phototherapy lamp / transportable / LED BiliSoft. Contact a supplier or the parent company.

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Thank you for initiating the registration process. GEHC warrants that replacement ultrasound probes are free from defects in workmanship or materials under normal usage for a period of twelve 12 months from delivery and any claim should be submitted in writing within such period.

Intensive phototherapy while supporting family-centered care. The versatile options available are: You have accepted a quote and it is currently available in your cart. Adding this promotional item will still require a Quote and prevent Checkout.

BiliSoft Phototherapy System

BiliSoft promotes developmental care and enables infant-parent bonding while providing healing therapy where it is needed. What action do you want to perform?


BiliSoft Phototherapy System Intensive phototherapy while supporting family-centered care. Please enter appropriate zipcode.

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GE Healthcare M – McKesson Medical-Surgical

Please enter Email Address Next. The BiliSoft Phototherapy System features the technology that you need to provide intensive, efficacious phototherapy as recommended by AAP Guidelines. Please Enter Valid Text. bilisofg

GEHC may perform such installation upon Customer’s request and for additional fees. Provides a large surface area.

Infant phototherapy lamp / transportable / LED – BiliSoft – GE Healthcare

Sorry, your details do not match our records. Your cart has been saved and will be available when you login next time. Add to Wish List. Tour Open Supports Developmental Care BiliSoft promotes developmental care and enables infant-parent bonding while providing healing therapy where it is needed.

It biilsoft developmental and family-centered care. Exceptional Coverage Provides a large surface area. The BiliSoft Phototherapy Bilisott meets or exceeds the AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy and helps you provide developmental and family-centered care virtually anywhere—in the NICU, pediatrics units, well baby nurseries, and at home. You already have a “request for a quote” item in your cart. This website uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

Please try again after some time. Buyer cannot purchase through this website additional probes or replace its defective probe with another model of a probe even if it is compatible with its equipment model.


Sorry, there is an te server error. Customer is solely responsible for the installation of Life Care Solutions spare parts purchased through this website strictly in accordance with any applicable manufacturer’s instructions contained in the user manual, service manual if available or any other supporting documentation. Please enter Email Address.

When the ultrasound probe is in stock, GEHC will make reasonable efforts to deliver it within a minimum of 2 two and maximum of 5 five working days. The pad design also helps to eliminate distance deficiencies entirely. Back BiliSoft Phototherapy System. Ultra-soft, disposable BiliSoft covers are made of skin-friendly fabric and are available biilsoft flat covers or nests.

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