GE, GE Monogram and Voluson are trademarks of General Electric Company. * Trademark of General Electric Company. © General Electric Company – All . Manufacturer, Probe Type, Description. GE AB , GE, AB , Convex MHz. GE Ab , GE, Ab , Convex MHz. GE RSP , GE, RSP . GE Medical. Systems is leading the way in women’s healthcare with the VOLUSON EXPERT system which addresses the need for better diagnostic.

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GE Voluson Expert/Pro – • Cardiovascular <- ULTRASOUND - PRODUCTS | HTI Medical

It is designed specifically to provide the extraordinary vision needed in your obstetrical, gynecologic, and maternal fetal medicine studies to help you diagnose patients earlier and with increased clinical confidence.

Volume Contrast Imaging VCI helps you improve image quality in either a single plane or in all three planes of a volume acquisition. When we walked into the room with the Voluson in it, it gave us mixed emotions. The GE Voluson is beast, both in size and production value. GE is has yet to do a full redesign on the actual line. When you look at an image with SRI turned off and then turn it on, you will be blown away. GE has done such a great job with this.


GE Voluson 730 Expert Ultrasound Machine

When testing this machine we had 10 different women come in. The women ranged from 15 weeks up to 35 weeks.

They varied in body mass size, placenta location and racial demographics. We tried to get a good sample base so that we could test the machine on true-life situations.

This stage on the Voluson is great! You are able to tweak the threshold and gain enough to let you see the baby in volusn detail. This is the sweet spot for the Voluson Expert. The images we got were great. Plenty of detail in the face.

If you take your time, and the baby is directly up against the placenta, you can still get some great images. Being that we have been using the Voluson for years, it was very easy to use. The touch screen simplifies the process. The machine is very forgiving.


If you accidentally get into an application or change a setting, you can easily go back to your default settings. The GE Voluson is gr great machine, from start to finish. Do you pay a higher price for the GE name, possibly… Is it worth it, in my g Under most circumstances yes. I am still a huge fan of vvoluson Voluson product line, from the original 1. Your email address will not be published. Voluson features these image enhancement innovations to help you obtain excellent images: Speckle Reduction Imaging SRI helps heighten the visibility of organs and lesions with high-definition contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifact, while maintaining true tissue architecture.

We will describe the image quality based on gestation weeks. The images were much better than weeks.

Feel Free to contact us with any questions about this machines. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.