A TA Request form is used to request TA in GoArmyEd by Soldier’s pursuing an External degree plan. Once approved, the Army TA. A Tuition Assistance (TA) form must be approved before the start date of the class . You are able to process a TA Request form for a class up to two months prior. Review the Tuition Assistance Eligibility Process Quick Reference Guide for more Soldier – How do I get started using my Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits in GoArmyEd? How to Request TA Using the TA Request Form.

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Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) – Texas Military Department

The 16 semester hour is based on the fiscal year, 1 October to 30 September. Current Army policy limits Federal Tuition Assistance to: TA is associated with the class start date within a fiscal year. Soldiers desiring to earn a certificate, but who are not planning on transitioning out of the Tiution or are not within three years of ETS may still use FTA to earn a certificate. If you have to drop a class due to unforeseen military reasons, those semester hours will not count towards your 16 semester hour fiscal year total.

Not eligible must meet the one year after completing Initial Entry Training rule.

Current Army policy limits TA to semester hours of undergraduate credit or baccalaureate degree, whichever comes first and 39 semester hours of graduate credit or master’s degree whichever comes first.


Military withdrawal must be approved by your Education Services Officer to be valid.

This assistaance to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 education requirements. Will classes dropped for military reasons count towards the 16 semester hour limit? FTA will only be issued toward one degree or credential at a time. Soldiers may not request TA for a Transition Certificate within five years of completing a previous certificate. The one year wait was rescinded on 5 August If your request is not approved ex.

This IS includes security measures e. In addition to degree programs, TA is available to Soldiers to complete a assistabce school diploma and to complete certificate programs. Will classes dropped for personal reasons count towards the 16 semester hour limit? GoArmyEd will determine your path automatically and the Army will pay the approved TA amount directly to your school. The 39 semester hour limit applies to all credits taken after completion of a baccalaureate degree.

TA is available for courses that are offered in the classroom or by distance learning and is part of an approved academic degree or certificate program.

Soldiers must reimburse the Army for any FTA received if they drop classes for personal reasons or do not successfully complete a class. Step-by-step degree plan upload instructions. TA is not authorized for programs of study beyond a master’s degree. STRP will not exceed total tuition and fee amount. FTA requests are submitted and approved, individually, on a class-by-class basis.


Soldiers who are unable to successfully complete a class due to military reasons must request a Withdrawal for Military Reasons through GoArmyEd and complete all required steps to ensure that they will not be charged.

Such communications and work product are private and confidential. Tuitiion Withdrawal Waiver Request Form: By law, officers who use TA incurs a service obligation.

Soldier – What is a Tuition Assistance (TA) Request form?

The Transition Certificate policy applies to all Soldiers, goatmyed those who have already used undergraduate and graduate semester hour allocations, by providing up to 21 SHs to earn a Transition Certificate. Soldiers should allow extra time for this. Soldiers must maintain a grade point average GPA of 2. See User Agreement for details.

Is your GoArmyEd account on hold? Soldiers who do not successfully complete a class will be required to repay the TA. Does 16 semester hours of TA-funded classes start at the beginning of the calendar year or at the beginning of the academic year?

By using this IS which includes any device attached to this ISyou consent to the following conditions:. Click here to start. Current Army policy limits Federal Tuition Assistance to:.