Hazrat Talha bin Ubaidullah followed Hazrat Uthman’s tracks by embracing Islam . He went on a journey for the purpose of trade. While he was at the Busra fair. Hz. Talha bin Ubaydullah, who was praised and complemented by Allah and His When Hazrat Abu Bakr sprinkled some water on his face, Hazrat Talha came. By Kamran Shahid Ansari / 20 Mar Talha Ibn Obaidullah (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the early reverts to Islam and among the ten blessed.

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By God, the Prophet knows better than you what is good for you in this world and the next and he also knows better than you what you possess. Retrieved from ” https: Wealth which generally is a sense of satisfaction, boast and pride for many was more of a cause of distress for Talha may Allah ubaisullah pleased with him. This they did and the Prophet said to me: One of his friends, Sa’id ibn Zayd, said of him, “I accompanied Talhah ibn Ubaydullah on journeys talhw I stayed with him at home, and I have not found anyone who was more generous with money, clothes and food than Talhah.

Alee wept ubiadullah when he saw ‘A’ishah, the ‘ Mother of the Believers ‘, in her hawdaj palanquin astride a camel at the head of the army which now emerged to fight him. During the most terrifying moment of the battle, the Prophet asked Hz.


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The other died one year after him. Soon, however, I said: Both of them were waiting to enter Paradise.

Give him cure and strength. By jbaidullah time, the Prophet’s tooth had been broken, his forehead slashed, his lips wounded and blood was streaming down his face.

Login to Post a Comment. He made jihad with both his sword and his property. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Prophet would get angry on his account. When he reached the rank of martyrdom and attained his Lord after a life full of honor, he was 64 years old.

Talya the caliph of the Muslims and the head of the entire Muslim State, he could not tolerate any insurrection or armed revolt against the State. Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall in service of Islam. He was so sorry that he retired to a corner and started to weep sadly while the other Companions were negotiating about the caliph after the Prophet.

The Life of Muhammad. Talhah was killed by an arrow allegedly shot by Marwan – a cousin of ‘Uthman who was too blinded by rage and the desire to seek revenge for his kinsman to respond to the possibility of avoiding war and bloodshed among Muslims. The forces gathered at Basrah seemed to present an open challenge to ‘Ali.

He reported that one day he was making saee running between Safa and Marwa and then there appeared a crowd pushing and shoving a young man with his hands tied at the back. Be Mindful O Mankind!


The Prophet went further up the mountain with the mushrikin still in close pursuit. The man could have the money or the land which could be re-purchased hqzrat ‘Uthman.

Hazrat Talha Bin Ubaidullah by mahir ahmed on Prezi

But I would soon say to myself:. However when he got the chance to partake in the second battle, the Battle of Uhud, he fought valiantly and proved his mettle in the battlefield as well. The name Talhah is also connected with the first fitnah of civil war tzlha Muslims after the death of the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Encyclopedia of the Companions.

Talha bin Ubaydullah (r.a.)

Then, the uhaidullah and pressures of the polytheists started. Umar objected to the distribution because the land did not belong only to the mujahids that conquered it; it was the land of the generations to come.

Talha told the Prophet about his dream. From Makkah, Talhah, Zubayr and ‘A’ishah set off for Basrah where large numbers were gathering to seek revenge for the death of ‘Uthman.