Counterpoint has 5 ratings and 0 reviews: Published June 1st by Schirmer Books, Hardcover. Heinrich Schenker. Counterpoint. Translated by John. Rothgeb and Jiirgen Thym . Edited by John Rothgeb. 2 vols. New York: Schirmer Books, Reviewed. COUNTERPOINT. A Translation of Kontrapuikr by. Heinrich Schenker. THANALAIDEHITY. JOIN ROTTICI. AND TOEGUN THYM. Schenker. TOLEDOJ HY JOHN.

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Schenker’s mother died in December ; he looked after her and his siblings from the time his father died []. Want to Read saving…. Schenker promises a list of people in German to receive complimentary copies of Ornamentik, and a new proposal. Cantus Firmus and Two-Voice Counterpoint ; vol. A pencil note states that on March 26,copies were handed over to the Gestapo.

The principles of strict counterpoint constitute one of the fundamental components counterplint Schenker’s musical theory see Schenkerian analysis. Cotta hopes for the manuscript of Kontrapunkt [I] soon, and asserts that the same terms of contract will apply as those for Harmonielehre.

henrich Dunn has sent him his translation [of part of Kontrapunkt], which he thinks may serve classroom use better than that of Vrieslander. June 1, ] Responding to Grunsky’s request, Schenker gives his assessment of Bruckner’s music. Schirmer Books,vol. The volume went to press on May 30,and according to the Couunterpoint Verlagsdruckbuch the printers delivered copies to UE on November 30, ; however, Schenker records the release of the volume in his diary for July 7,and informs his pupils and friends.

Preview — Counterpoint by Heinrich Schenker. Diary entry by Schenker for 9 January Diary entry by Schenker for 1 November Schenker raises again the splitting of Kontrapunkt into two half-volumes, or even four installments.



Want to Read Currently Reading Read. CA Handwritten letter from Schenker to Cotta, dated December 2, Schenker explains the necessity for some late interpolations into Kontrapunkt I.

Schmid to receive it.

Diary entry by Schenker for 12 July It is of interest to note that, although many of Schenker’s ideas have had a widespread influence on present-day music theoristshis views on pedagogy and the nature of contrapuntal studes have not prevailed: Achenker book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I will not neglect, before the publication of my Psychology of Counterpointand to reinforce and put into practice the present Theory of Harmonyhheinrich publish a supplementary text entitled “The Decline of the Art of Composition—a Technical-critical Inquiry. Schenker expects the press to be enthusiastic about Harmonielehre. Diary entry by Schenker for 24 March Heirnich Handwritten letter from Schenker to Cotta, dated May 26, Schenker raises again the splitting of Kontrapunkt into two half-volumes, or even four installments.

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Counterpoint : Heinrich Schenker :

In particular, he opposes the idea promulgated by Riemann and others that the purpose of contrapuntal studies is to acquire the skill of creating polyphonic textures in works of free composition e. Schenker has a plan to put to Halm. Throughout CounterpointSchenker cites examples from the musical literature to demonstrate the highly varied ways in which the principles of strict counterpoint can be applied in free composition.

Views Read Edit View history. Universal Edition have declined to publish his Sextet. David added it Feb 02, Aaron marked it as to-read Counterpont 25, Harmony5th ed. Diary entry by Schenker for 14 November CA 31 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Cotta, dated June 30, Schenker returns proofs, and draws two things to the attention of the type-setter.


Gabby Chu marked it as to-read Jun 26, Diary entry by Schenker for 20 March When Schenker submitted the remaining material, and when proofing took place, are unclear. Proofing began in late October and continued, with interpolation of preliminary matter and supplementary material, until Augustthe work being published on October 4, Retrieved from ” https: Halm seeks advice on choice of edition for the Beethoven variations, and offers advice in negotiating with publishers.

Counterpoint: Book 1

Cotta welcomes the recognitions that Schenker has been accorded recently, and hopes they will affect his work propitiously. John Rothgeb and Jurgen Thym, tr. Diary entry by Schenker for 3 May Schenker thus follows the model of Fux in presenting all of the species schenkrr turn before adding additional voices.

Rather, on Schenker’s view, counterpoint the “pure theory of voice-leading” is entirely distinct from scenker “theory of composition”, just as it is also distinct from the countedpoint of scale-steps, or harmony.

Diary entry by Schenker for 4 February Diary entry by Schenker for 22 November Diary entry by Schenker for 22 August In a musical garden of Eden of genius, the rest of the world behaves like Adam and Eve.

The subject matter of the work is species counterpoint. The prospect of an English translation of Beitrag zur Ornamentik pleases Schenker. Brettak added it Mar 03,