TI Designs. Design Features. This reference design is an EMC-compliant industrial. • Two-Wire Interface to HIPERFACE DSL Encoder. interface to a two- wire. HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS standard with a transmission rate of MBaud. The data transmission is. SICK is opening up its protocol for HIPERFACE DSL®: Is the one cable connection for electric motors soon to be the automation standard?.

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Hiperface DSL transfers data between servodrives and motors over two wires in cables that can be up to m long.

The time has come for this digital system to be standardized further at international level — with the ultimate aim of offering more functions for the advancing digitalization of production processes. In turn, OEM machine-builders have been able to optimise costs and space utilisation in their machines.

The simple things are always the most ingenious Why take two when one would do? Just by virtue of this fact, they have significantly reduced technical risks from a purely statistical perspective. Motor-controller communication in electric drive technology is at the verge of a digital evolution. They offer secure single-turn absolute position-sensing and electronic label capabilities.

Another aspect is that the element no longer required also does not use up space any more. In terms hiperace infrastructure, it also boasts an extensive portfolio of cables, male connectors, FPGAs, and microcontrollers. The data transmission is synchronous to the controller clock with short cycle times down to Clever height measurement with calibrated light section sensors — PosCon HM. The cable length between the speed controller and the feedback system can be up to meters.

It saves costs, takes up less space, is hipefrace to implement and at the same time offers maximum investment and machine security. Switched reluctance motor aims to disrupt Other sensor producers will also start using the single-cable technology — discussions are already underway. It occurs synchronously to the controller cycle, which may be as short as Baumer is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders and components for automated image processing.


Dssl statement can be backed up in the way that the protocol has penetrated the market — being adopted by over 50 drive and motor manufacturers worldwide — and its continuous further development.

The reduced number of components simplifies installation and saves time and personnel costs for commissioning and maintenance. Compact motor feedback system for highly dynamic servo drives.

HIPERFACE DSL® – the digital evolution SICK

Diese Nachricht nicht mehr anzeigen. Johann Pohany Baumer and Dr. Newsletter To register for our email newsletter, please enter your email address below. Taking a look inside standard cables within servo drive technology usually reveals three wires for the motor power — one wire for PE and two others to control the brakes and evaluate the winding temperature sensor.

This increases machine availability and supports time management of the machine. For applications in which the drive needs to be moved along in a dynamic process, this constitutes a decisive argument, for in this context, less mass or weight, respectively, equals less kinetic energy. Plug connectors and cables.

Here, it is important not only to record the data in large volumes, but to process it profitably, primarily using sophisticated algorithms. Encoders and inclination sensors. With the opening hiperafce the interface, the proven technology is now accessible to all users.

NFC-equipped connectors will talk to smar Quick and efficient recognition and elimination of faults via self-diagnosis for higher quality. In conventional connection technology, a second cable is also needed for this configuration to transmit the typical feedback signals for the closed-loop system.

Hiperface DSL | Kollmorgen

Control – safe control solutions. This ensures that in principle, the digital motor encoder interface can be used in safety applications as well.

Baumer uses giperface to optimize the design of this website and make continuous improvements. The wide field of Safe Motion is just one example of this. Free 3D CAD modelling software is given a The objectives of Industry 4.

  GEMU 640 PDF

HIPERFACE DSL® – motor feedback purely digital for the first time

Only one cable between the inverter and motor cuts the drag chain in half and enables rapid cabling and fewer sources of error. Switched reluctance motor aims to disrupt Learn more about Servotronix. Moreover, less hardware in the shape of connector plugs, cables, and periphery on the servo drive reduces its mass. Certified up to SIL3: The protocol therefore has real potential, similar to USB, to become the digital connection of the future. Free 3D CAD modelling software is given a Rockwell Automation unveils a new logo an Please wait a moment Non-contact, precise and simple measurement of round objects with an outer diameter up to mm.

The company has now decided to make the previously proprietary interface available as an open protocol, and predicts that the move will reduce the number of servodrive interfaces in use. Accordingly, machine builders and operating entities are able to tap into the advantages of one cable connection technology as well as simple options for future-oriented preventative maintenance, to name but a couple of examples.

Being the only laser distance sensors on the market, the OM 70 sensors offer different focus ranges for the measuring ranges 70, and mm. Each cable that is saved reduces the net weight while also improving MTBF figures, as only half the number of cable connections are present.

The interface fulfills the requirements of the internationally-applicable Safety Integrity Level 3 standard. Compact motor feedback system for linear motors.