Why not just use the Create Archive action rather than shell scripting? I don’t use Automator, but I have a solution that I use to zip files. Every day I use a handy service created with Automator to resize images exported from 4K footage to a smaller size. It’s easy to resize images. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Automator app to create a simple service that will have you resizing images in just a couple of.

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Is there a way to not include all those almost empty folders in the script? How do I get Automator to take the first file ending in automatlr, compress it, then go back and get the next and compress it, and so on, until the directory is done?

Launch it, and you see an open dialog. The idea would be to make the script behave just like the “Create Archive of Note that zip will include full directory structure information by default, so when you unzip the new archive, the files will each expand into a series of folders created as necessary that match where they were originally found.

Press Command-S, give it a name, and make sure you save it as an Application. User profile for user: You have five choices for the output this action generates. The command that I want to use is as follows: Stu Wilson 5, 5 19 In order to make this automator work flow work transparently with both files and directories, use file tests, like so: Most actions, like rename or move work individually on a list, but ‘create archive’ always want to zip the whole list.


Quickly compress images with Automator (Mac)

You can also download the workflow from here: The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: This Automator workflow will allow you aufomator do that.

Lou Kash on Mar 13, ’09 Can this be done? Create a new document in Automator, but choose Service.

The command that I want to use is as follows:. Whenever you create an application, it can work by default with drag and drop.

A new archive named “filename. The term workflow best describes what you create within the Automator app, even if you save it as something else.

Quickly compress images with Automator (Mac) – Technical Marketing Guide

I have a folder with several zip files, would like to select all, run zutomator to unzip each in the same folder as the zip files Everything I have tried, resorts to unzipping to the root of the user’s autmator directory. I use a workflow with the following script, which does the following: There is only one problem, when applied through Automator on Latest Mountain Lion Hints Also, would like to stip the path out of the zip file just to the folder level.

I don’t want ho use Apple’s Compress. This right-hand section is where you will build your workflow. Zip multiple files into individual archives via Automator 19 comments Create New Account. I end up with nested folders, i. In particular, if there’s a way to structure this so it works with folders as well as files, I’d be interested in seeing how that works.


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. To create a new Automator workflow, click New Document. A variant Authored by: IMHO it is better to just throw them in a folder and zip the folder.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. Select that menu item, and the service runs, scaling your image.

Apple gets what it pays for Review: If you’d rather have the archives expand into their current tto, change the zip command above to this: Arlo on Aug 03, ’07 I’ve decided to just work manually since my volume is fairly low at this point.

If there are tens or hundreds of images, wouldn’t it be great to automate the uow All replies Drop Down menu.

Automator for file compression – Apple Community

A user over on the Macworld forums wanted to compress a number of individual files into separate zip archives. If, for example, you want to scale images to px, enter that in the text field.

Chang 1 7 If you take photos, you may want to share them to your website or to an online gallery.