In trutina mentis dubia fluctuant contraria lascivus amor et pudicitia. Sed eligo quod video, collum iugo prebeo: ad iugum tamen suave transeo. From The Heart. Album Tracklist: Lesley Garrett – Adriana Lecouvrer – Ecco Lo Son L’Umile Ancella; Lesley Garrett – Beyond The Blue Horizon; Lesley Garrett. Carmina Burana is a scenic cantata composed by Carl Orff in and , based on 24 In trutina, Latin, On the scales, soprano. Tempus est iocundum .

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trutinw While on the one hand I’d like to know what the choice was in In Trutina, I also like to wonder each time I hear it and imagine the result of the choices. As of April 9th, Stumbled upon this while swishing this particular song in my mind for a week now having just watched a very modern performance of Carmina Burana in Budapest where there was little ambiguity by the accompanying dancers.

The popularity of the work has ensured the creation of many additional arrangements for a variety of performing forces.

In Trutina [Carmina Burana] Lyrics

rrutina Carl-Orff-Saal of the Gasteig. At first, it was with envy that I watched them until I realised that even if I am not a nun I can choose to adore my Lord as fervently, although differently. I am glad for a little ambiguity and for this small community of fellow lovers of this particularly short piece. Australian classical guitarist Gareth Koch arranged and trugina Carmina Burana for the guitar.


Notice how the rhyme scheme plays out: It was originally released by the ABC Classics label in and re-released in I have watched radiant Benedictine nuns kneeling before and adoring the Rrutina Sacrament when I visit Tyburn Convent.

As a single work or as part of a whole. About Me John W. Overall, it sounds rhythmically straightforward and simple, but the metre will change freely from one measure to the next. October 15, Carl Orff’s In Trutina.

Alex Ross wrote that “the music itself commits no sins simply by being and remaining popular. Cantatas Compositions by Carl Orff compositions. I give myself to you utterly! Retrieved from ” https: It was from this collection that Orff selected 24 poems that would eventually come to constitute his Carmina Burana.

The first and last movements of the piece are called ” Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi ” “Fortune, Empress of the World” and start with the very well known ” O Fortuna “.

Cantiones profanae cantoribus et choris cantandae comitantibus instrumentis atque imaginibus magicis “Songs of Beuern: This supports your view: Cover of the score showing the Wheel of Fortune.

Hayley Westenra – In Trutina (from ‘carmina Burana’) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

The score also has short solos for three tenors, baritone and two basses. Orff Schulwerk s ” Gassenhauer “. I first heard Carmina Burana in the early ’60s, bought the LP, and listen to the music often. In taberna quando sumus. Un yoke of Christ is probably of that type, common in his time and place, and today. The “what” that is before her is obviously alluding to her choosing to give herself to the man that has been trying the get with her throughout the whole Carmina Burana.


The music is spiritual in nature, but the way ‘suave’ is repeated, followed by a scalar descent to earth pushes me towards this conclusion. I’m sure the pope would not have approved, but while the Church had great power then, there were those who wore their religion lightly — even in the monasteries.


The content is often pretty earthy; one song features a marathon lovemaking session with Venus herself in a brothel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the United States, Carmina Burana represents one of the few box office certainties in 20th-century repertoire. She says she’s trapped between love and chastity; that is, between marriage and sisterhood.

Orff’s style demonstrates a desire for directness of speech and of access. The music is, I believe, Orf’s also, not original to the poems. I contend that this isn’t necessarily the case View my complete profile.

As Anonymous said in Trutiba, just because a manuscript was found in a monastery doesn’t mean it had to be religious in nature.

Others concern drinking, gambling, and outright mockery of the Church. These constant rhythmic changes combined with the caesura create a very “conversational” feel — so much so that the rhythmic complexities of the piece are often overlooked.