Read Book Irshad-ul-Talibeen ebooks on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous and next. book Irshad ul talibeen dars e nizami deobandin PDF format. Urdu translation of two short writings of the great Indian Sufi master Hazrat Shaykh Sharfuddin Ahmad Yahya Maneri, a master of the Kubravi.

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However, this is not within our volitional achievements. In reality, in spite of being easy, recalling them at the appropriate time and acting on them is solely depended on facilitation tawfiq from Allah, Most High. However, if on some day irshac have extra time and desire then go ahead and do more.

Irshad ul talibeen download pdf book writer molana muhammad ashiq elahi al barni

Hakim al-Umma Shaikh Ashraf Ali Thanawi Allah have mercy on him commented that this superiority is because charity benefits many individuals whereas physical worship is beneficial to the doer alone and also giving money is vexatious for nafs. All are ready to criticize others and find the faults. But never ever pay any attention to their own defects. Today we should analyze this attitude of ours.

That is, when we are criticizing others does a feeling of self appraisal arise in us. Do we ponder about our deficiencies? Mojudah halaat aur hamari zimaydari. Arif billah Shaikh Dr. Abdul-Hayy Arifi Allah have mercy on him said:. She has adopted your companionship leaving her parents, siblings and other close relatives. You have to compensate her for all these caring relationships by loving her dearly. If you are patient on anything hurtful from her you will be rewarded by Allah.

Her inappropriate attitude can not be corrected by your anger and wrath. But the best way to achieve that is to control your anger completely at that talibbeen. And some time later at an appropriate occasion gently and with compassion let her know the mistake she made. With this approach even if she has a grain of aptitude for correction, she will accept your counsel and reform herself.

He called him and informed uo that this had come to his knowledge and it was his instruction not to do so.

Irshad Ul Talibeen

The reason being that when you read about the pious predecessors and do not find some of their attributes in your Shaikh the Satan finds a way to sow the seed of contention. Moreover, he creates doubts about your Shaikh in your heart and mind. This forbidding was an admonition for the others. Whereas, for the individual who is on truth but abandons confrontation and argumentation He acknowledges that the opponent is not talibfen, the time is being wasted and he is ieshad possibility of blameworthy morals to be be stirred in his nafs a house will be constructed in the center of the Paradise.


That is certainly superior to the one located in the periphery. And for the individual who has the best morals a house will be constructed in superior most part of the Paradise.

It has been observed that most of the pious in spite of being on truth circumvent the contentious issues and prefer to remain silent when someone squabbles talieben confronts them. The rationale for this is referred in the Prophetic saying hadith translated above. This attitude of leaving all argumentation appears to be desired characteristic as per this hadith.

One is the newlywed. The other is a new disciple murid. However, the situation has changed for the murid with a very few exceptions. Yearning and desire to progress is totally lacking. Completing the daily basic wird is a humongous unsuccessful challenge even after years of relationship with the mentor.

This is a common complaint in their islahi letters. What can be done in this regards? No one can do what you have to do yourself. There are falibeen magic potions, amulets or invocations to facilitate this. Even senior aspirants are stuck on the very basic wird. Aspiration for doing more remembrance dhikr and communicating this desire to the mentor is absent.

Remember the Shaykh is not going to advance you to the next level until you verbalize your interest and show progress. They were also afflicted with such worrisome random thoughts waswasa that they approached the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace and said that they felt it was easier to burn and turn to char then to utter them.

However, the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace replied.

It is very obvious that there can be no worst random thoughts than that of unbelief kufr. However, this ruling applies even to it. This something else could even be a worldly matter, like carrot halwa or turnip pickle.

Diverting the thoughts in this manner will indeed require effort initially. However, inshaAllaheventually the power to ward off these worrisome random thoughts will be achieved.

Their condition is that whenever their hearts are pure and uncluttered they make remembrance of Allah. The awareness of being involved in sinful activities does not stop them from doing good works. This is because they do not care about it the involvement in sinful. Then there is the other kind, ones who are traveling on this path and have developed some tastefulness dhauq.

This is to the extent that they become disheartened of being involved in remembrance and good works and do not find the courage to do so in the future. This is not because of being heedless of their Lord, most High. It is due to the acknowledgment that now with this involvement in sinful how can I face my Lord and make His remembrance. At the outlook this does not seem to be a good state because it is suspending remembrance of Allah. However, in some instances even this state is a blessing.


This is because, in these instances it will result in that sinful activity not to be carried out ever again. Hence, having this state is a blessing. However, it is essential to point out that one should not act on the calling of this state. That is, not to stop the remembrance at all.

Zad ul Talibeen

Moreover, it is essential for this individual not to be negligent of remembrance for a second talbieen be despaired. This remembrance dhikr should continue irrespective of being involved in millions of sinful activities. This is because the spiritual darkness that leads to suspension of remembrance by being involved in sinful will only be lifted by the remembrance of Allah alone.

There is no other cleanser to do this. If this is done with consistency then, inshaAllahone day eventually escape from the dreadful condition of involvement in sinful activity will be achieved.

He does not stress on physical worship and supererogatory nawafil actions like the ascetics. Therefore, all essential fardhrecommended wajibSunna, praiseworthy mustehib and etiquette adab actions are to be performed.

Moreover, avoiding in food, residence and personal being all that is impermissible, suspicious, and of minor or major impurity. This is called purity of physical being. This is all Shariah. Then comes the path of tariqat. In addition adorning it with praise-worthy morals, like truthfulness, purity, humility, philanthropy, chivalry, trust, sincerity, best manners and trustworthiness in dealing with fellow human beings etc.

This is called revolution gardesh and changing of morals. Acknowledge that talbieen is a magnanimous feat. This is because without it the real wealth of deen is not achieved and traveling on the path of truth is impossible. Moreover, this feat talineen keeping the lowest profile and maintaining seclusion, so that these actions become well established without failures. After this comes the path of reality haqiqah and realization marifa.

Aqwal e Sufiyapage 83 Share this: Abdul-Hayy Arifi Allah have mercy on him said: Shaikh Abdul Qudoos Gangohi [d. This is reported in Sunan e Tirmizi. Shaykh Jalaluddin Thanesari Allah have mercy on him d. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.