The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1) [Jack Whyte] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The first in a six-volume series that. During the days of the decaying Roman Empire, the legions of Britain struggle to Skystone-Small_0 preserve the ancient principles of loyalty and. I heard a report a couple of weeks ago, while I was attending the annual Surrey Writers Conference, that my first novel, The Skystone, had gone.

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It’s about The Skystone… – Jack Whyte

Soon after Bishop Alaric passes through the region again, telling the Colonists, they now called themselves such, that Frankish cavalry was now running rampant in parts of the empire, and that the political tensions were rising. The dialogue and word structure is less pompous and pretentious than in his previous books that I’ve read but still a little OTT at times but no more than some other historical fiction writers can be guilty of.

I kept waiting skystoone something to happen, but it didn’t. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it jxck concise.

The Skystone

It is Christmas Eve in Victorian London, and all around whytr snow-covered city people are rushing home to be with their families. That is to say, this book started out with gritty warfare told from the perspective of the Roman warriors on the front lines, down in the sktstone and mud, fighting for their legates, their legionnaires, and for the glory of Rome.

There were some things I didn’t care for that much.

Rich and full of detail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Against this ucertain and turbulent backdrop these two erstwwhile bastions of nobility found a colony called Camulod to safekeep the Roman-British peoples from the threatening presence on the Gaulish and Nordic mainlands.

Outside of Londinium they encounter a legion from the army of Theodosius. All except one man, that is: There are a couple of anachronisms and errors that irk me, as a history lover, such as using the name ‘Franks’ for the people the later period Romans would have referred to as ‘Germans’, wrongly claiming that Deva was still occupied and going strong in AD when it’s long been the consensus that skyatone fortress had been abandoned by then and a few other niggles.

Her back was toward me and she was within three or four steps of the open doors to the triclinium. Then he shifted to Canada in search of employment. Varrus escapes with the help of a trader who had been hoodwinked by Nesca and by killing two of Nesca’s guards. Publius Varrus is the last legionnair How do you find a new way to approach a story as skystlne as any in the English language?

Of course, their search for the enigmatic skystones causes ehyte an encounter with the king of the Pendragon clan and the creation of a statue known as the Lady of the Lake, but other than that, this is more a preparation for the Arthurian legend part of the story, than an actual part of it.

My likes of were varied. We are on parallel courses, Jack. And if you enjoy being completely su This is one of my favorite series however I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.

Those wanting history with a bit of myth thrown in should probably avoid it. I have had a fascination with the King Arthur legend ever since high school when Jaxk wrote my senior paper on it.


The Skystone – Wikipedia

In the early fifth century, amid the violent struggles between the people of Britain and the invading SaxonsPicts and Scotshe and his former General, Caius Britannicus, forge the government and military system that will become known as the Round Table, and initiate a chain of events that will lead to the coronation of the High King known as Arthur. The Skystone First edition.

The storytelling was very descriptive and meandering, and while I could settle down for the easy, slow pace, I wanted more. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. View all 9 comments. Ever since it has burgeoned skyxtone an entirely credible explanation of the Aurthur myth. I saw long, straight black hair, a tall, graceful form in a blue robe and a gliding style of walk that seemed to owe nothing to feet or legs.

Whyte’s use skystnoe the English language is masterful.

If you like the Arthurian legend, this series adds a strong historical twist: There were several factors going against it: An whyre take on the Arthurian legends! Is that down to what a person’s expectations are – especially in view of this being a retelling of a long-told myth?

The author does a wonderful job of stitching together various aspects of the Arthur legend’s iconic pieces: