Seidways Shaking, Swaying & Serpent Mysteries Jan Fries Format: Softcover ISBN: £/US$ Subjects: Northern. Seidways by Jan Fries, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. From the author of Helrunar: manual of rune magick, and Visual Magick, a handbook of freestyle shamanism, comes the definitive study of.

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Community Healing Among the Kalahari!

Though the Mongols tried to invade Japan they failed each time, and this is a strong indication that Japanese shamanism seidwqys an older art than the variety spread by the priesthood of the Mongol khans. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

It in mi interesting question if the Salem witch-hunt may have been triggered by ergotamine poisoning on a large scale. Muspell rated it really liked it Oct 06, Mesmer was called a charlatan by authorities who had refused to try his methods and examine his results. Nov 23, Garrett rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Other references are made to Ancient Druid practices and other Asian communities that use shaking and movement.

You will probably be aware how tiredness can affect the quality of mediation and trance work. Some passes seemed to induce drowsiness and lethargy, while others seemed to stimulate and tonify.

Then they reached out and formed a Circle or a ‘magnetic chain’ by holding hands, while Mesmer’s aides tied a cord loosely around the patients, which was meant to strengthen Seidways 39 the magnetic flow.

I felt very uneasy about it at first, but when I learned that there are cultures which actually invite it as a sign of spiritual grace or total obsessionI felt compelled to allow it once more. After writing Helrunar there was quite a lot of bizarre information left over, which just wouldn’t fit into a handbook of rune-sorcery. Last, I would like to mention swaying in a seated position on the floor.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Kami are spirits, often nature spirits or spirits of sacred sites, such as the Kami of a mountain, a bridge, a garden or a village. San-healing allows the healers to pause and rest whenever they feel like it. When all patients had assembled and there were many of them, as the healings were free-of-charge and open to all callers the Marquis had them arranged in a circle around the tree.


Quite commonly, the obsessive spirits demand that their favourite songs are sung; what they desire is recognition and a measure of affection. This gives my magical work a potency that it simply didn’t have before.

Seidways : Shaking, Swaying & Serpent Mysteries

The white gall, by contrast, was thought to feed the fire of enthusiasm. Account Options Sign in.

Among the Jakuti, Burjati and Tungusian people, to mention just a few cultures of Siberia which developed a form of shamanism, it was part of the tradition that shamans-to-be became moody, delirious or even insane for months or years. For these techniques you could consult my earlier books. Seidwasy over the world, shamans have to satisfy the beliefs and expectations of their cultures.

It is a common element of shamanism that shamans and seers tend to encounter the spirits when they are alone in the wilderness. Some San healers are said to be able to project their consciousness into lions and wild animals. Did you ever find yourself swaying or nodding as you stared at some sigil, symbol, or altar arrangement?

They circle the fire very slowly.

Seidways : Jan Fries :

Likewise, the three qualities of the earth element come to compose an egg. Sometimes the patient is still under a taboo after the spirit has left, and may not take off her ritual clothes for a week.

It seems that some of Mesmer’s patients encountered ‘extra-sensory perceptions’ to use the modern name between the healing crisis and sleep. Maybe you would like to accompany your swaying with sound. Ogoun, god of the warriors, calls for a uniform and a sword. I soon found that any god, not only Hayama, would come into me, and that this might happen at any time Seidways will become one of the more thumbed books in my collection, and I am sure the collection of anyone else who buys it.


When the drums thunder and the chant of the nine witch-sisters echoes through the village, this rite is witnessed by healers, patient and the patient’s family. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Seidways: Shaking, Swaying and Serpent Mysteries

Though there seem to be some magical groups that equate sound volume with power and measure magical efficiency in decibels, I do not believe that one has to shout all of the time to be heard by the spirits. For instance when you were a baby, a peculiar swaying could soothe you to sleep. That I would travel far through the earth and emerge at another place. I liked the feeling of my body taking over where the shaking was first voluntary – but I could still have some control, making the shaking stronger or more subtle.

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I liked the feeling of my body taking over where the shaking was first voluntary – but I could still have some control, making the shaking stronger or more subtle. If you ‘stand in the ocean’, make wave sounds as the waters gently pull and push you. Up to nine people may die in order that a new shaman comes to be, and indeed there were candidates who refused to accept the shamanic vocation when they learned how many bones they lacked.

Apart from the popular ‘giraffe dance’ the San have some more specialised dance rituals. In trance, some of their patients claimed that they could see into their bodies. However, there is a variety of epilepsy which Professor Delank called ‘psychogenic’. View all 4 comments. The rods hadjoints, they Were highly mobile and they could easily be attached to the body.