Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War.

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Most novels these days are between 90k and k.

I did notice an increasing tendency to make things a bit too much on the noseif that makes sense. There are many conversation with arguments made clear at the start but somehow the characters keep paraphrasing it without uncovering new insights. Fact was, he was something of an unlovable, whiny twit, and eventually I found myself pushing the plot along without regard to story quality just so I could get to John and Jane and Zoe.

The Last Colony by John Scalzi

I have a plan to crawl out his TV set later on tonight. I shouldn’t have doubted Scalzi as the book takes the series to a satisfying conclusion even though I know it continues past this point.

Mich hat dieser Part des Neusiedelns und Kompetenzgerangels sehr gelangweilt. View all 3 comments. Trivia About The Last Colony The good ol’ Colonial Union isn’t the most forthcoming with information about just about anything and they find themselves in lots of trouble another ‘of course’ belongs here too.

To add insult to injury, even after being reminded by Jane that Obin do gender differently than humans — each individual is both male and female — he unsystematically refers to Hickory and Dickory as “him” as well as “it. The first two books in the series have hinted at what sort of government the Colonial Union is and why; this book goes rather a bit deeper into that aspect of things.

Same could be said for a number of movies, including the Star Wars trilogy.

Thoughts on The Last Colony

Regardless, I’ll most likely check ’em out in the future, once I’ve let this wonderful set of three novels settle in my mind-belly. And as a consequence, the book became better. It gives me hope to cloony that you experience false starts and have salzi wrangle plot structure just like the rest of us mortals. But then adding a character named Stross is just a wee bit on-the-nose, wouldn’t you say?


And again, we have more conversations between John and different generals, quick dead-pan delivery sentences that sound like arguing but coloby fact are manifests of self-righteousness, more ‘no offense none taken’ moments, and the identical personality repetition for each and every character. On top of all this hubristhere is the totally reified Colonial Union as a caricature of dictatorship and the wise Conclave leader who eschews power but would kill for pun intended and justified!

Plenty of good kill-all-da-alienz stuff, but also a lot of good making-your-way-in-the-world-today-takes-everything-you-got stuff too. They end up partnering with scwlzi from the Earth and the Union to pull off an intricate trap for the shadowy Equilibrium forces, outfoxing both their secret supporters in Conclave legislature and others who just want all humans wiped out.

Still, it’s almost as serious as the previous book. I wish I could talk more about it but I’ve probably alluded enough to qualify as spoilers. Good fun for Cllony fans. They all talk and think the same, including supposedly sleazy politicians and alien generals. There must be flaws, but I can’t find any.

Anne, I know exactly what you mean.

The CDF approaches them to head up a new colony, Roanoke. And laxt he really believes in the beautiful dream of multi-culti in the space where many races would live in lats and harmony, and among rainbows and unicorns… wait. John and Jane have been chosen to lead citizens to form a colony on the planet Roanoke. Two stars are for the overly emotional but cute Obins, and the steadfast Hiram.

The Last Colony is the final Old Man’s War universe novel with John Perry and Jan I think Scalzi’s a fun author to read, one you can always go back to knowing you’ll have an entertaining read. I find that odd, because it felt like I got a perfectly delicious amount of closure from this one. There’s some really impressive moments spread throughout the book.

The few battles that are there are quick and salzi. It’s easy to forget that when they first worked together, in Old Man’s Warit was in an exciting combat situation cklony which Jane was totally in her element.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. View all 7 comments. It kohn take long to learn that the colony is little more than a political football. Hardcoverpages. It’s nice to see that some of the revelations in book 2 are followed up here, view spoiler [namely, that Charles Boutin wasn’t just a crazy, evil genius, and the CU really are fairly unethical hide spoiler ].

Nov 21, Marijan rated it really liked it.

The Last Colony

Once they reach the planet they discover that there is a deeper political twist to the colonization. Yeah — exciting milieu, interesting characters, lots of action, built around a universe and backstory that has already been detailed in two previous books.

With his wife, former Special Forces warrior Jane Sagan, he farms several acres, adjudicates local disputes, and enjoys watching his adopted daughter grow up. So, techically I would deduct a half-star for this, so it is a 4.

The Last Colony (Old Man’s War #3) by John Scalzi

I can accept one person doing stupid mistake but organisation that successfully led humanity for few hundred years colle 2. It was shocking to see how even after such betrayal what people could be capable of doing.

The mysterious disappearance of the American colony is so far in the past no one realizes this is a joke on our hapless colonizers.

And here, within few pages, we go from Scalzi making fun and playing with the genre to Scalzi turning preachy and pushy. How important is this book to the overall story of this universe?

Goodreads tells me there are more books in the series. John Perry and Jane Sagan have left the CDF and have been living with Zoe on a colony called Huckleberry until they’re uprooted and sent to start a new colony, Roanoke. Other books in the series.