Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous.

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This book isn’t quite as smooth as the previous two. Scalzi has all of these interesting alien species, but I’m at the halfway point in the series and couldn’t begin to tell you what they look like. I find that odd, because it felt like Wowzers.

I was definitely outside my plausibility zone. Perry’s colony is called Roanoke. Another section is told from the perspective a female assault trooper with the Colonial Defense Force engaged in quelling rebellions seeking independence from the Union.

And that he really fhe in the beautiful dream scwlzi multi-culti in the space where many races would live in peace and harmony, and among rainbows and unicorns… wait.

The Last Col This is a good book, but nowhere near as good as the first best or second very good.

Instead of Perry leveling up to a new phase of training, he sometimes rather passively receives new information. Old Man’s War series. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I am so eagerly awaiting this book that I am scouring the internet to get ANY tidbit of info about it that I can get.

Lists with This Book. Bwa ha ha ha ha! Almost immediately, the entire fleet is annihilated.

Perry and all his family going Deux Machina mode and outsmarting and outmanoeuvring not only CDF but also Conclave with all their united scakzi species. The twists are somewhat predictable, and so is the honorable rebellion attitude.

Great scifi, and, for those of us who enjoy twists, plenty of them. Be careful what you wish for: The Last Colony doesn’t have any training; Perry is the protagonist again and he does have to adapt to a new career as the administrator of a new colony, bu I found The Last Colony really disappointing compared to Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades. I shouldn’t have doubted Scalzi a American pioneer heritage is something which has kind of a sordid history once you peel back the legend and myth-making which was deliberately added to it.

The Last Colony is the final Old Man’s War universe novel jojn John Perry and Jan I think Scalzi’s a fun author to read, one you can always go back to knowing you’ll have an entertaining read. Fact was, he was something of an unlovable, whiny twit, and eventually I found myself pushing the plot along without regard to story quality just so I could get to John and Jane and Zoe.

  DM - RMC100 - C PDF

Scalzi crammed a lot John Perry and Jane Sagan have left the CDF and have been living with Zoe on a colony called Huckleberry until they’re uprooted and sent to start a new colony, Roanoke. The first was that I was contractually obliged to turn in a book about k long, and the second being that if I tried to write a book that was k long, I might have to nohn myself to give you perspective, the book ended up being 91k long, and both OMW and TGB were in the 94kk range.

I find that odd, because it felt like I got a perfectly delicious amount of closure from this one. To sum up, John Scalzi has a pretty reliable formula for churning out cplony military SF, and he tries to vary it from book to book, but I don’t think I can gain anything further by reading more of his output, with so many other books clamoring to be read.

I would happily read many more stories about them. Out went the third-person chapters, and in came a new focus on John Perry and his point of view. I still don’t like how neatly Scalzi wraps up his books and The Last Colony was no exception. Is it really plausible that an entire Conclave of hostile alien races cannot get their act together to beat into submission a single colony of 2, settlers who are basically unarmed civilians?

In tow are Zoe’s Obin protectors, named Hickory and Jogn, who view her with almost religious awe due to her father’s success in giving the Obin consciousness.

And here, within few pages, we go from Scalzi making fun and playing with the genre to Scalzi turning preachy and pushy.

Two stars are for the overly emotional but cute Obins, and the steadfast Hiram. The good ol’ Colonial Union isn’t the most forthcoming with information about just about anything and they find themselves in lots of trouble another ‘of course’ belongs here too.

SF : The Last Colony / John Scalzi ★★★½

This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Because see, it’s this general subject that drives the entire conflict behind all of Scalzi’s stories; in his universe, there are tons of intelligent, spacegoing species, but only a tiny amount of planets around the galaxy that can support humanoid life, and so in realistic fashion a giant galaxy-wide space war has ensued over these precious resources, with there constantly being a state of conflict between all of the spacegoing species in question.


Apr 10, Stuart rated it liked it Shelves: Not to cast any aspersions on any of the pages John is leaving out.

Jul 21, Tom Merritt rated it it was amazing. The confederation of human planets known as Colonial Union was formed in response to alien civilizations out to exterminate our species, and in response to their success hundreds of alien species have formed their own confederation, the Conclave.

I wish I could talk more about it but I’ve probably alluded enough to qualify as spoilers.

Thoughts on The Last Colony

At any moment you may feel like you’re reading a light novel with snappy dialog and a straightforward plot. He informs them they have no option but to land and begin the colony anyway. How much cooler would the climax have been if the werewolves had decided to reappear right on top of everything else hitting the fan?

Scalzi introduces an intelligent alien species on the newly colonized planet, but never goes back to them.

The Last Colony by John Scalzi

After the attack, John is nearly arrested for almost ruining the plan to destroy the enemy fleet by asking General Gau to surrender. Scalzi creates characters you like and then throws them into plots that race from one huge event to the next, and he also injects a welcome sense of humor into the books. Frankly speaking, the initial chapters are just boring because suddenly it is a Wild West in the space. There’s also the aforementioned plot holes.

Now add that there is a new Evil Empire in town too — the Conclave, a group of hundreds of species besides Earth who have decided that non-Conclave species no longer have the right to colonize at all, and who are now running around blasting new colonies out of existence if they try defying the order. He is eventually released, and after speaking with the Special Forces again, returns to Roanoke. Politicians — whether in the CU or in Washington — never seem to figure out that the enemy hasn’t read their script, and wouldn’t particularly see fit to follow it even if they had.

This was a great conclusion to John and Jane’s story although the surprises in the first book, Old Man’s War, just can’t be beat for me.