Joseph Scaliger was born in southern France in into the family of the great scholar Julius Caesar Scaliger, author of the influential Poetics. His early. Nederlands: Josephus Justus Scaliger (Agen, 5 augustus – Leiden, 21 januari ) was een zestiende-eeuwse Franse protestantse. In the preface to Harvard University Press’s edition of Joseph Scaliger’s autobiography, Joseph Justus Scaliger () was of Italian descent.

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At the same time, Scaliger had made numerous enemies. Jill Kraye took on a supervisory role, and in two editors were appointed, Paul Botley and Dirk van Miert.

Muret in the latter part of his life professed the strictest orthodoxy, Lipsius had been reconciled to the Church of Rome, Isaac Casaubon was supposed to be scaligeer, but Scaliger was known to be an irreconcilable Protestant.

Views View Edit History. An outbreak of the plague in caused the boys to return home, and for jooseph next few years Joseph was his father’s constant companion and amanuensis. The Correspondance of Joseph Justus Scaliger8 vol. Nunc vero multis partibus aucta Frankfurt, Between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, he was required to keep a written record of the perennial flow of his father’s Latin Verse.

His supposed rank as a prince of Verona a sensitive issue for the Scaligeri ; see below was recognized.

The Correspondence of Joseph Justus Scaliger (1, letters) – EMLO

Joseph was also required each day to write a Latin theme or declamation, though in other respects he seems to have been left to his own devices. After several attacks purportedly by the Jesuits, in scaligrr new attempt was made. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. It was reviewed by Pattison in the Quarterly Reviewvol.

Joseph Justus Scaliger – Wikipedia

This offer Scaliger accepted provisionally. When Emma Willard addressed the New York legislature in on the subject of education for women, she was contradicting t In he accepted the invitation of Jacques Cujas and proceeded to Valence to study jurisprudence under the greatest living jurist. Leiden – Gevelsteen bij Breestraat This edition was reprinted in Frankfurt in with the addition of thirty-nine new letters from German sources. It was proposed by Aloysius Lilius, a physician from Naples, and adopted by Scaliger Project publications list.


Learn More in these related Britannica articles: The Jesuitssfaliger aspired to be the source of all scholarship and criticism, saw the writings and authority of Scaliger as a formidable barrier to their claims. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Skip to main content Skip to main menu. And he was no mathematician. A prolific writer, his works were collected and published posthumously inand two collections of his correspondence appeared in and There was a problem with your submission.

Where possible, couriers and networks of intermediaries are identified. He was called to the University of Scalugerwhere he became known as the most erudite scholar of his time. A complete list of the works of Joseph will be found in his life by Jakob Bernays. At Agen on the Garonne, he was jusus constant companion of his father, Julius Caesar Scaliger, during the last four years of that father’s life.

With generous resources for travel and study at his disposal, he began work on editions of classical authors and his reputation as an acute textual critic grew.

The invitation was renewed in the most flattering manner a year later; the invitation stated Scaliger would not be required to lecture, and that the university wished only for his presence, while he would be able to dispose of his own time in all respects. For the life of Joseph, besides the letters published by Tamizis de Larroque Agen,the two old collections of Latin and French letters and the two Scaligerana are the most important sources of information.

The Gregorian joweph is the one commonly used today. As long as his intellectual supremacy was unquestioned, the Protestants had the advantage in learning and scholarship.


For Scaliger was no hermit buried among his books; he was fond of social intercourse and was himself a good talker. Joseph Justus Scaligerborn Aug.

Constantly moving through Poitou and the Limousinas the exigencies of the civil war required, occasionally taking his turn as a guard, at least on one occasion trailing a pike on an expedition against the Leaguers, with no access to libraries, and frequently separated even from his own books, his life during this period seems most unsuited to study.

Keep Exploring Britannica William Shakespeare. Thank You for Your Contribution! Wikipedia 30 entries edit.

Joseph Justus Scaliger

The calendar for all other dates has mustus been captured in EMLO, with the exception of those predating the switch from Julian to Gregorian calendars, in which case use of the Julian calendar is recorded. Scaliger – Mesolabium, – Joseph Justus Scaliger itwikisource Autore: Here he remained three years, profiting not only by the lectures but even more by the library of Cujas, which filled no fewer than seven or eight rooms and included five hundred manuscripts.

GraftonJoseph Scaliger: Scaliger not only exhibits a remarkable justue for the soundest type of textual emendation; but he is also the founder of historical criticism.

His pungent sarcasm soon reached the ears of the persons who were its object, and his pen was not less bitter than his tongue. In laying the foundations of a science of ancient chronology he relied sometimes on groundless or even absurd hypotheses, often justs on an imperfect induction of facts. He received a handsome income; he was treated with the highest consideration.

After his father’s death he spent four years at the University of Pariswhere he began josepn study of Greek under Adrianus Turnebus.