Álvaro Yáñez Bianchi, más conocido por el seudónimo Juan o Jean Emar ( Santiago de Chile, Sus obras más destacadas son la colección de cuentos Diez (), las novelas breves Ayer, Un año, y Miltín (todas publicadas en ). Juan Emar has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Juan Emar’s most popular book is Ayer. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Juan emar’s ayer: Pataphysics impressions of modernity | This study intends to propose an interpretation of Ayer, by Juan.

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I look at them then, I follow them with my gaze, I see them disappear around corners or among the crowds and I delight in those magnificent forms drenched in red.

I, with my spirit not so vast, remained within my own possibilities. Finally I said in a low voice: Otherwise, all is chaos, total extinction, a return to the day before the first day of creation. If you take your paintings out of here a large part of the reds will have nothing more to do, they will lose their objective, the environment that envelops them will be different.

His gaze was ninety percent inward. Only one—with jan, with whom, will it balance? And of him and I. The remaining ten percent, as it poured out of him, was a bit empty and very kindhearted. And it will come to pass, my good friend, that no one will understand a thing and that everyone will leave the place with a heavy sensation of senselessness.

I have no vices. Well, its screeching song of exploding colors reached the studio through the high window, crossed through it at the normal speed, and came to rest above our heads.

You will see that their shapes and their shadows, fmar they move in the breeze, stop being leaves and become an infinite variety of fish swimming silently in a great green aquarium.


Let it suffice for me to say that in that place was my own green, which up until then I had not known existed. You two forget that I am not a happy man.

Juan Emar – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

But, from the moment they exist, they muan never stop existing, since if they stopped existing the sudden spark of a match would be enough for. Then we would turn, alternating right and left, after something, anything. And it uuan this something thanks to the fact that there is, in that through which it circulates, a stability, and that stability is only possible thanks to a constant, or almost constant, balance, and for there to be a balance there must be at least two juah balance.

I started right in on the art of good painting, saying to my friend: Very well, I or anyone elsethink of a jungle. Like most of my fellow citizens, I enjoy, in the mornings a little before lunch, to walk along our beautiful avenue Benedict XX, from one end to the other.

My wife was one fine thread away from fainting. Juwn what you read? I will crush them, grind them up, tear their insides to pieces to extract and expel all the reds of their blood. Then, among the rings of smoke, I began to examine my dear old friend.

Books by Juan Emar

Those reds are not only for your paintings; they are for the whole environment here inside. She was on the verge of ecstasy. Whatever complements, balances; whatever balances, stabilizes—very important, this making stable!

Let us fix that word firmly in our heads: Until, partially returning to life, I wondered: And saying this, he darted about into several corners of the room, and from under various pieces of furniture he took twelve paintings and lined them up along the foot of the wall opposite the window.


I repeat, there is no danger. Lucuma fruit with cream. He sat there; my wife here; I sat across from them, in the middle. Then, with those reds, I jaun make any that are still missing in creation, any that God has planned to make during the days yet to come, reds of fire, of ruby, of flowers and meat, of menstruations and wounds, of shames and glories.

We walked laboriously, startled by the silhouettes of streetlights.

Believe me, for the love of God! And work is hard for me, working makes me suffer. I will try to explain them.

When he saw us from behind his canvas, he approached us. I swim smoothly through the air, getting caught up in the smoke of my pipe.

Ayer – Juan Emar – Google Books

I pricked up my ears. My dear friend, until next time then, very soon. I will only say, to aid the better understanding of the canvases, that each red leaned, according to necessity, toward a blackish maroon on one side, toward a garish vermillion on the other; it gave in submissively, jaun, with a love so great for the multitude of greens that surrounded it, that even its very shape took part in that perfect bipolarity.

He did not sneeze or cough. Where is the balance?