The Apostle Junia, was a woman leader in the early church whose ministry reminds us that God’s intention Junia: The First Woman Apostle by Eldon Jay Epp. Dennis Preato proves that Junia was an woman who was an apostle. The first is concerned with resolving the gender of the person named Iounian. Was this. Like many women, I was surprised when I first heard Junia’s story. I was speaking to a book club about women in the Bible when an audience member raised.

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So the science of textual criticism tries to figure out which among each variant was either the original or juina to it. In addition, if Iounian is understood to be feminine, the silence grows all the more noticeable.

Noel rated it really liked it Nov 04, About Eldon Jay Epp. Women Called to Ministry Nashville: Vic Pergola rated it it was amazing Mar 19, However, in all the existing literature from the Greco-Roman world of this time period, no males are named Junias, but there are instances of the female Junia.

But the fact is, the case that Epp and a few others are attempting to make for feminine leadership in the church really does not turn upon whether or not Junian is masculine or feminine. The opposing interpretation of this verse disavows both Junia’s apostleship and her female gender. Thanks to this excellent book, I can affirm with renewed confidence both Junia’s distinguished place among the apostles and her freedom to speak in the church!

He pays careful attention to the text critical issues surrounding Junia whether it is a feminine or masculine noun and traces the history of grammars, critical editions of the NT, and patristic handling of Romans Tom Doggett rated it really liked it Apr 22, A bit repetitive and in-depth on the language studies, but it does exactly what it sets out to do.


Revised Standard Versioned. In this thoroughgoing study, Epp restores Junia to her rightful place. You have entered an incorrect email address! He does acknowledge that the Twelve were all male, but appeals to their uniqueness to suggest that all-male leadership is not normative for the church.

What he is willing to allow for Junia, he does not allow for Junias, even though any male slave freed by a dominus named Junius would have the name Junias. Epp concludes that yes, there was in the first century a woman, identified by Paul as an Apostle, named Junia. For instance, compare the masculine names Patrobas, Hermas, and Olympas in verses 14 and Fitzmyer, Romans Garden City, N.

While these scholars are correct about Latin terms of endearment being lengthened, they somehow fail to notice that Rom The situation in Latin literature, however, is quite different from that in Greek.

Other terms, such as traditional and progressive, will be avoided.

Junia: The First Woman Apostle | Fortress Press

rirst From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Poverty and Riches, 5 Strathfield: Although it is not clear to what extent this should be determinative for the issue at hand, Fitzmyer mentions that all accented manuscripts from the ninth century bear the masculine accent; not one bears the feminine. Woman in juniia World of Jesus. Older translators typically rendered the name in a masculine form, Junias, but the translators of the NRSV have followed a growing number of scholars who see this latter individual to be a woman.

Conjuration, Of Poet-Prophets and their Translators.

Moving past the name and gender debate, the way Paul acknowledges the apostleship of Andronicus and Junia in Romans Jul 09, Jamin Bradley rated it it was amazing. Black, Romans Grand Rapids: His formal Latin name was Silvanus, tge.


A Female Apostle?

On the other hand, Chrysostom c. Thus, neither the male nor the female versions of this name were common in Greek literature.

Liefeld mentions that one teh his graduate assistants completed an extensive search of both the Greek and Latin literature, and was wooman to find the masculine form of the name. If you are not into the particulars of the Greek, skip over the comparisons of several Greek manuscripts. When no verb is present, the locative reading makes much more sense e. Building on the immense research of Cervin, Bauckham, and Belleville, Eldon Jay Epp puts to rest once and for all the question of the identity of Iounian mentioned in Romans Schreiner points out that: We are a non-profit organization that is fully-funded by individual gifts and ministry partnerships.

Paul’s jinia acclamation” of Junia prompted Chrysostomprominent Church Father, to marvel at her apparent devotion such that ” Because later theologians and scribes could not believe or wanted to suppress that Paul had numbered a woman among the earliest churche The name “Junia” appears in Romans Simon, Simon The Holy Scriptures: Eldon Jay Epp’s short book, 81 pages, in a force to be reckoned with. Rather, the debate centers around whether apkstle were members of the second or the third groups.

Equally surprising is the lack of explanation when editions revert back to Junia as female.

While the construction is regularly used to denote an instrument, it normally does so only with impersonal things e. Views Read Edit View history.

Cambridge University Press, One of the earliest translations, the Latin Vulgate, has manuscripts that support both readings.