Below you will find free PDF files for your Kawasaki Vulcan owners manuals . Kawasaki Ninja R Kawasaki Ninja MiB. It may not necessarily provide electronic owner’s manuals and supplementary documents for all products sold by Kawasaki. Moreover, this service may not. top > Search for Owner’s Manual (Motorcycle). How to use this service. Ninja , Ninja R, Ninja , Ninja ABS, Ninja , Ninja , Ninja ABS .

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If the seat width is within the specified range, lap the valve to the seat as described below. Tire Repair Also, permanent internal repairs have the advantage of permitting a thorough examination for secondary damage not visible from external inspection of the tire.


If there is no continuity, repair or replace the main har- kwners. Special Tool – Flywheel Holder: Such a shock to the unit can damage it.

Battery 12 V 8 Ah 3. If there is any damage to the frame, majual it. Before replacing a blown fuse, always check the amperage in the affected circuit. How To Use This Manual Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest for more efficient and con- maintenance.

Throttle Body Vacuum If ownerrs plates show signs of damage, or if they have worn past the service limit, replace them with new ones. Main Fuse 30 A innja. Ignition Switch Lead 4. Place a strip on each journal parallel to the camshaft installed in the correct position. The new Assist and Slipper clutch was developed without changing the size and number of parts of the conventional clutch.


Air cleaner duct loose Clutch noise Air Switching Valve 8.

Guide Run the hose into the guide. Steering ,anual Nut Wrench: Guide Run the throttle cables, right switch housing and ignition switch leads through into the guide. The safety precautions included in the electronic owner’s manuals may not necessarily contain the latest information due to new or revised regulations or specification changes that may have subsequently taken place.

If the purge valve dose not operate as described, replace it with a new one.

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Subthrottle Valve Actuator Lead Connector Clutch Lever and Cable Clutch Lever Free Play — — — Clutch 2. Stick Coil 1 Lead Connector 2. If any main harness is poor, replace the damaged main ninjs. Apply a non-permanent locking agent High Strength.

Engine Oil and Oil Filter If there is continuity, repair or replace the main harness. Right City Light Connector 2. Set it close to the bottom of the cylinder, where cylinder wear is low.


Stick coil trouble Inspect see chapter Water-proof Joint 3 Page Page Page – Air switching valve service code Page – Oxygen sensor heater service code Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest ninjz more efficient and con- maintenance. Shift mechanism arm broken Fuel line clogged Inspect and repair see chapter 3. For CAL Model NOTICE Do not remove, disassemble or adjust the main throttle sensor, subthrottle sensor, subthrottle valve actuator, throttle link mechanism and throttle body assy, because they are adjust or set surely at A tester other than the Kawasaki Hand Tester may show different readings.

Kawasaki – Motorcycle Owners Manuals |

When they are properly matched, there is no clearance [A] be- tween the crankcase and the bearing outer races. Such a shock to the air switching valve can damaged it. If cable movement is not free after lubricating, if the cable is frayed [B], or if the cable housing is kinked [C], replace the cable.