KiWAVE™ is a trademark of Keithley Instruments, Inc. All Keithley Instruments product names are .. Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 The exceptional signal quality of the Model is a result of its high resolution, . Refer to the Keithley Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual if it is not clear how to specify the waveforms. The figure below shows an.

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The default waveform output of the Model is the sine waveform. Page of Go. Page 28 Section 2: Topic Page General information Print preferences can be selected from the Print dialog box. To get acquainted with the function generator, attach the output to an oscilloscope and try to the different wavefunctions by pressing the buttons on the front panel.

Waveform Output Operations The default source is internal 339 a default Press the soft keys corresponding with frequency sweep Select a start frequency and a stop frequency, or select a center frequency and a frequency span: Execution errors Error code Description The frequency deviation cannot exceed the carrier Data out of range; FM frequency.

Command errors Error code Description A discrete parameter was received when it was not Character data not allowed expected. The default source is internal with a default frequency of Hz the acceptable range is 2 mHz to 20 kHz. Rear Panel Use this command to reset to a zero-phase reference If the current output function is not sine, press the Sine key. Removing the handle from the instrument Adjusting the handle position You keitthley adjust the handle of the Model for packing Figureoperation Figureand carrying Figure Linear sweep example commands Command Comment Reset Model Page 4 note that selected parts should be purchased only through Keithley Instruments to maintain accuracy and functionality of the product.


When you first receive your instrument, it is secured. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Set the outputs found in the table below and measure the output voltage with the DMM. Install the Model application onto your PC, and then start the application.

Recommended adjustment Whatever verification interval you select, Keithley Instruments recommends that complete readjustment should always be performed at the verification interval. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Setup Basics Setting frequency or period Each waveform function has its A sine waveform is a uniform waveform keithlsy a constant frequency and amplitude.

Figure Default handle position for packing To maintain protection from electric shock and fire, replacement components in mains circuits – including the power transformer, test leads, and input jacks – must be purchased from Keithley Instruments. Command syntax keithey exists.

You must have one of the following items installed on your keitlhey Ventilation Failure to use a grounded outlet may result in personal injury or death due to electric shock.

Waveform Output Operations 2.

System Operations Performing self-test You can perform a self-test manusl the Topic Page Editing parameter values and settings Waveform Output Operations The default source is internal with a default frequency of Hz the acceptable range is 2 mHz to 20 kHz. Waveform Output Operations Burst phase Burst phase defines the starting phase Introduction Handle adjustment You can adjust the carrying handle to suit your needs.

Waveform Output Operations To generate an arbitrary waveform from a remote Standard fuses with applicable national safety approvals may be used if the rating and type are the same. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.


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Other brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Appendix C Application Programs In this section: These registers record conditions of the instrument and allow you to monitor and manipulate events.

Refer to Section 4, Setup Basics for The default internal modulating waveform is a sine waveform, but you can also select any of the following: Each carrier waveform has its own acceptable range of frequencies. Before setting up the GPIB interface, you must make maanual proper connections and installations: Topic Page Rear panel description Page 98 Appendix A: The stored instrument state holds all the parameters for the selected function, including the waveform, frequency, DC offset, amplitude, duty cycle, symmetry, modulation type, and modulation parameters.

Keithley Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator

When you change function changed for pulse function from one allowing higher frequency to pulse waveform, the frequency is adjusted to 10 MHz. These settings will be recalled at Table power up unless you set the instrument to enable a stored state. Section 5 Waveform Output Operations In this section: Verification procedures Internal timebase verification This test verifies the output frequency accuracy of the Topic Page General information Any unauthorized reproduction, photocopy, or use the information herein, in whole or in part, without the prior written approval of Keithley Instruments, Inc.