Kurzweil is a product line of Young Chang Co.; Kurzweil, PC88, and VGM are installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful. View and Download Kurzweil PC88 a step by step manual online. PC88 Synthesizer pdf manual download. View and Download Kurzweil PC88 user manual online. Sibelius Sound Set. PC88 Stereo System pdf manual download.

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Velocity Manul And Fixed Velocity The Vgm Banks So when you call up the Setup, it chooses the sound you want to be played from We sincerely hope that you enjoy working with this Sibelius sound set and wish you the best in all of your musical endeavours. Mozart, Horn Concerto No. By pressing mwnual button you will print only current page. Page 4 PC88 Made Easy If a switch occasionally fails to respond, note its name and position on the panel—you’ll have to find these switches on the PC board when the control panel is face down.

Entry And Exit Values Once you have the name the way msnual want it, press Enter. Page 15 Once you have the name the way you want it, press Enter.

The PC88 now j umps back to the Store dialog. Don’t show me this message again. Add to apply the rule. Basically, an arpeggiator takes notes that you play and repeats them in a pattern.


Call up the Setup kurweil has the zone that you want to copy. If you have a regular PC88, you can still follow this tutorial, but simply ignore the steps that refer to zone 3.

Kurzweil PC88 User Manual

Assigning Sliders for Volume in Different Zones 1. The Mixer and even then, only as a last resort.

Table Of Contents 4. Using the Various Arpeggiator Latch Modes The Latch Mode parameter allows you great variation in deciding which notes that you play should be used latched by the arpeggiator.

Kurzweil PC88 Manuals

Page 34 The Key Range parameter lets you set a range of notes which will be affected by the arpeggiator while others can be played regularly. The Offset method will keep a fixed amount of value between the two zones whereas the Scale method will give you a sliding amount of difference, based on the percentage.

Table Of Contents This is the control panel of the Kurzweil PC If you need to dump all Setups, you can put half of them in one song and half in another. Don’t have an account? Customizing The Effects Settings By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Kurzweil PC88 Disassembly

Using The Arpeggiator With A Sequencer Or External Controller But if, for some reason, you kirzweil to have the sequencer or other external controller send notes to the arpeggiator itself, you must use the Remap function in the PC Adjusting Relative Volumes with One Slider So far we have only shown assigning a controller to one zone.


Working With an External Sequencer 1.

Zone Parameters And Internal Voices Customizing The Internal Voices Mode Since there is only one location for the Internal Voices parameters in memory, any changes you make using this method will wipe out the defaults that currently exist for those parameters. This photo shows the inner support wall in a later model PC Editing Shortcuts As you go through the tutorials below, you will find examples of many different things you can do on the PC Table of contents Electrical Page 32 PC88 Made Easy This Setup was designed so that simply by calling it up, the zones would be panned the way we wanted, but when we leave the Setup, panning is returned to normal.


C4 is middle C on the keyboard. Setup Change Channel Of course, you might want to have all of your Setups panned in the same manner. Recording Setups To A Sequencer PC88 Made Easy 7. Bank Controller Issues for External Slaves